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4.1 stars (29 reviews, 33 ratings)
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About Bacon Busters magazine: Australia’s only magazine dedicated to pig hunting, Bacon Busters has now become an icon on the hog hunting scene in this country. Appealing to a wide audience, but particularly to males in the 15-40 age bracket and living in rural areas of Australia (especially Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria) Bacon Busters was first published annually in 1995. It is now published four times a year due to popular demand. Bacon Busters content includes readers' short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia's biggest collection of pig hunting photos. Not to mention the famous Babes & Boars section!

Bacon Busters is a bi-monthly title. Please allow up to six to eight weeks for your first delivery.



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3 stars
by Troy
4 stars
by Kylie

I love your work, keep shootin' ay?

5 stars
by zac

great mag love it

3 stars
by tessa

your mag is awsome you should have a kid and pig section

4 stars
by jamie.m

good magazine but need some topless sheila's in babes and boar sections

4 stars
by Shane

The mag is awesome. I read it all the time. Good to see a new editor on board. Hopefully he will change a few things. Top stuff

5 stars
by shirilee

its da bomb!!!

5 stars
by cory

great ozzy mag

5 stars
by steve

great the stories & of course the babes & boars.more to the point I was wandering how I might get in contact with darren burt regarding those great looking boarhounds of his in the jan 2007 edition. Thanks Steve.

3 stars
by petet
5 stars
by tom

i love your mag.... it is great i pig all the time and would like to send in some of my pics to keep the dream alive... keep up the great work

3 stars
by patrick

great mag love all the storeis and the pics keep up the good work

5 stars
by nik

its a grate mag im 12 and love reeding then ceep the good storys up im loveing them

5 stars
by shayne

great magazine and some great stories,how about opening up a web page a a chat room/forum on the internet.for the beginner this would be great as i would like to know more on how to get started in a great sport...once again great magazine..

4 stars
by Bradley

Pity that contact details like an email address or something aren't included when doing stories about dog breeders, especially the story on Darren Burt as I was greatly interested in checking out the dogs with the idea to purchase one.Great magazine though with excellent stories and pics, keep them coming.

4 stars
by Mitchell

I have just received the new issue of your magazine and would like to point some things out on the article 'Oh my God!!' My first dicovery apon looking at this made me think for such a large pig its body is quite thin, secondly the head is not what it should look like, almost out of proportion and thirdly for such a large pig its tusks should be alot more noticable. Well keep up the great work and all.. Im outtie!

4 stars
by Pip

Mad books.Im 16 and love reading them. Keep up the great stories

1 stars
by Tony

The story in the last issue about rounding up and running down pigs with a ute was a disgrace. It did nothing to improve our image to the public and will add more fuel to the anti's fire.

5 stars
by clinton

very very good

3 stars
by Sam

Definitely one of the best hog magazines I subscribe to

5 stars
by Kiana

i gotta a 16 year old chick..& bacon busters is an altime top magazine.. i never miss an issue & love reading them.. keep it up aye!!

5 stars
by dan

very good mag keep up the good work

5 stars
by carlie

bloody great mag mate......

5 stars
by nick.tha14yaholdpigga

best pig hunting magazine australia has ever brought out i rekon

5 stars
by Alana

great. buts needs more funny stories

4 stars
by Susan

Bacon Busters has everything in it that you want to know about pig hunting. Its Great

3 stars
by secretdowns

more babes boars and less puss

4 stars
by Mr_rx7

very good

4 stars
by costa

all you need is more dog action shots

3 stars
by costa
5 stars
by trent

you need more action pictures, biger pigs heaps more pictures and stories about dogs and pigs.

3 stars
by kayne
3 stars
by grunterhunter

Bloody awesome magazine



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