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4.4 stars (26 reviews, 26 ratings)
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About New Wealth Creator Magazine: New Wealth Creator magazine is Australia’s premier publication for entrepreneurs. No other magazine offers a breadth of coverage like New Wealth Creator, from profiles of successful entrepreneurs to how-to guides for running your business, investing in property or making money from the stock market. We discover new trends and show our readers how to make money from them. We are a respected source of knowledge and have a reputation for delivering expert commentary from industry leaders. Most importantly, we are committed to helping our readers on their own personal path to wealth and achieving success.

New Wealth Creator Magazine is a quarterly title. Please allow up to ten to twelve weeks for your first delivery.



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3 stars
by imran


3 stars
by hani

5 stars
by Brendon

It's all about what I did'nt know that I did'nt know !!

5 stars
by Sarah

Finally, a magazine that explains the "stuff" you always wanted to know! Go Wealth Creator!

1 stars
by John

As useful as a chocolate teapot

5 stars
by Ashfaque

Very Popular with my friends and colleagues. I highly recommend it.

5 stars
by Brandon

This magazine represents the kind of information that I would have loved to have learnt about in school. Keep the information coming!!

4 stars
by joshika

great magazine full of inspirational stories that really give you a wake up call of where your heading in your finance

5 stars
by Hannah

Perhaps one of the most informative and practical magazines available in the newstand. Easy to read and a useful informant for wealth creation!

5 stars
by Karl

fantastic magasin, full of inormation about investing and great contats and stories

4 stars
by elton

excellent magazine. easy to read and relate to. needs to be longer, I almost finished it in one read!

4 stars
by Wendy

Great stories, Great reading, A MUST FOR ALL INVESTORS!!

5 stars
by Jacinta

WCM is one of the best publications I have come across in recent times. Not only is it interesting and easy to read and follow, but it also have some tips in there that are really applicable and easy to implement for anyone, young or old.

5 stars
by Adrian

great info, worth many times the cost

5 stars
by David

This magaazine has been invalubale to my investment future. Reuben is a hunk to!

4 stars
by Carolyn

Heaps better than the first mag. More newsy, more gutsy, more value.

4 stars
by Mira

As a reader of many Wealth Creation books it is great to have modern day examples of Successful people in Australia - great read and provides good source of investment opportunities

5 stars
by Shukri

Very useful and valuable information. Editor is excellent.

5 stars
by Mark

Very informative, and easy reading - a breath of fresh air! I am of course slightly biased here as I have contributed a couple of articles to the magazine, but as a whole, WealthCreator magazine is very well laid out and presentable, and full of practical suggestions and ideas often carried out by ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. This magazine shows how you can do them too!

5 stars
by Jolene

Excellent, i definitely enjoy reading it. Its good to read real stories of how people made it and its good to get advertisments and colums that are relevant. keep up the good work.

5 stars
by Emily

Fantastic read. Have encouraged many friends and associates to grab a copy!

4 stars
by Sarah-Joy

Interesting and Motivational - makes wealth creation seem attainable

4 stars
by Jenny

Great to see real stories about Australians who have built their fortunes from nothing. It really gives me inspiration, as well as useful tips and strategies. It's got a few "bugs" still, with layout and punctuation, but if you want a mag that's all pretty, buy Marie Claire and work for the rest of your life!

5 stars
by ben

The "BEST" wealth magazine available, great articles, great tips, great hints and excellant interviews. The only problem is i have to buy two copies because my wife is forever reading it!

5 stars
by Avi

The most informative wealth magazine I've seen in a long time!

5 stars
by Trent

Excellent value for money. East to read. Practical information. I thoroughly recomend it if you are interested in building your wealth.