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4.4 stars (19 reviews, 19 ratings)
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About Blunt Magazine: At the cutting edge of the alternative music scene, Blunt continues to push the envelope on what a music magazine can offer. Delivering irreverent coverage of the very best alternative music from Australia and the world, Blunt has established a distinct, independent voice that continues to turn heads in the rock & roll world. Blunt magazine lives by the motto that music is more than a passion, it's a way of life. A Subscription to Blunt Magazine Consists of 9 issues of Blunt + 1 annual Yearbook.

Blunt Magazine is published 10 times per year. Please allow up to four to six weeks for your first delivery.



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4 stars
by Mitch

need more poster magazines

4 stars
by Scotty

yeh blunts a realy good magazine and all that, but i am hell pissed off i bought the coppy with the huge parkway poster and its missing a k! it says "Parway Drive" the idiots need to check shit before they print it

5 stars
by keely

blunt is an awesome australian magazine. it really supports the up and coming aussie bands. i love it.

3 stars
by triffRAMONE

Blunt,is a pretty good mag,it needs to put some better bands in it thought,not little scence bands,or mainstream bands, i think a bit off Bring me the horizon,ramones,Fall off troy,misfits,sex pistols ect, and they should be on the mega poster, but its a good magazine.

5 stars
by Anneliese

Blunt is the perfect magazine for people interested in hardcore/ metal/ rock/ indie/ techno and alternative music. It has great interviews, photos, features and reviews and ist great because it's an australian mag making it relevant for everyone :D

5 stars
by Rusty

Blunt is an awsum mag... im 16 years old and in a band and alot of the smaller bands that blunt shows really influence me and my band in playing... we have heard about alot of smaller bands that we know follow through blunt so thanks for the good work keep it up

4 stars
by Bryce

Its a great magazine and I was especially glad to see some of my favourite bands including +44 and Kisschasy get featured in the last issue. It annoys me though how crappy Emo bands like Panic! At the Disco are always getting to featureas one of the mega posters.

5 stars

BLUNT is the best Australian magazine that has ben produced in recent history. They actually care about the smaller underground bands that are coming up and that are the face of tomorow. Keep it up. Peace x.

5 stars
by Chiodos4lyf

This is the best aussie magazine for music!!

4 stars
by @#*BLUEY*#@

OMFG its the best mag eva i tink every1 needs to read it! IT RULES!

5 stars
by ll

OMGOMG!!!!! best mag eva eva!!!!

4 stars
by Kirrilly

The best Australian music mag out there. Learn about new underground acts before anyone else :) LOVE IT!

5 stars
by Angel<3

Great Magazines EVER!! Needs More Ville Valo Though But Out All The Rock Magazines Blunt Would With out A Doubt Have To Be One Of Them.... lol No They Are The Best!!

3 stars
by fallout

Yeah, it's cool, but Utopia has got way better stuff to offer.... but it's cool, and it introduced me to Parkway Drive, and that's cool...

5 stars
by rikki

I <3 Blunt ..... it ROCKS

4 stars
by meli

Love it, love it!

4 stars
by leon

i love BLUNT!!!!!

5 stars
by Emma

I Love Blunt, it has everything you need to know about heaps of really cool stuff

5 stars
by Bre

It is a really great source for information on underground punk,rock,metal,emo and goth rock bands, if your into this type of music it is worth your money