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4.8 stars (22 reviews, 22 ratings)
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About Dogs' Life magazine: Dogs Life is the No.1 publication in Australia and New Zealand for dogs and dog lovers. This magazine has got all your canine questions covered, from information about health, nutrition, grooming, behaviour and training to the latest accessories and profiles of the popular dog breeds. If you want nothing but the best for your canine companion, Dogs Life is the magazine for you! Monthly.

Dogs' Life is a bi-monthly title. Please allow up to six to eight weeks for your first delivery.



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3 stars
by Angela

I just discovered your magazine by accident one day while I was at the library. And I love it. It has great information with lots of variety. I am currently studying and don't know what to read first your magazine or my text books. Guess the four legged babies WIN. Thankyou Again Angela Al

5 stars
by Leanne

If you haven't seen this mag before, check it out! Its got heaps of great stories and info...and it's Australian!

5 stars
by Geoff

This mag is great! I just discovered it and love it! I wish I had known it existed earlier...

5 stars
by Jess

i LOVE dog's life. It's the best to help me look after my two Rottie girls. Health articles have great advice!

5 stars
by kate

i have never read it but it looks so cute and i love dogs

5 stars
by betty

my dog is dandy, he is adorable, he sleeps on my lap e very night my dog is dandy, he is adorable, he sleeps on my lap every night, I have sent in a photo of him to you. love your magazine. betty

5 stars
by emma

this is the best dog magazine I have ever read! I'm addicted to dogs and this has some great stories about this wonderful four-legged friends of ours. \

5 stars
by Roley

I love dogs!!!!!! They are the best animals ever, i have 2 and i ador them heaps!!!

4 stars
by H.Bundy

I have now read two issues of your magazine and find it totally benificial with its useful information. However, I have noticed an advertisment for the Australian Bulldogs Would it be at all possible for you to do an article on this breed as I have heard it is turning out to be an extremely healthy breed. I would dearly love to know much more about it.

5 stars
by paris

LOOK iv never red this mag, but i luv anamals and i apslootly luv dogs so i would probely love this mag! it looks good, who ever has red this mag can you tell me abou it? i will be checking for new reviews! my nmae is paris

5 stars
by stacie

dogs life is da bomb u rock

5 stars
by Maddie

dogs are the best animals in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 stars
by Maddie

Dogs life rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can tell im mad about dogs. I have a Tebetan Terrier called Monty. Hes not a puppy but hes adorable. I was just wondering when the next issue of dogs life is coming out. Its the best mag ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

5 stars
by Maddie

Dogs life rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 stars
by Tara

Great Mag for all Dog Lovers, Lots of great Info on Dogs. I love all the cute , funny pics .This mag always comes out on time ;) Could u please let me know when u are ganna have Dalmatians & Irish setters in the breed pages ?

5 stars
by Milflkmel

Dogs Life Kicks Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 stars
by Christine

I am a big dog fan, they're just so cute and cuddely. I collect statues and posters of dogs and have a dog of my own-Simie. I love the mag!!!!!

5 stars
by Siobhan

Hi all dogs life reviewers. i am 10. i got a subsribsion to your mag christmas 2001. from there on i have enjoyed every little article of writing. i read your mag heaps of times before the next issue came out. i wish it came out more often. a girl in my class last year said' why do read dogs life and books about horses and said because i want learn how to ride a horse and i have a pure love for horses. she said well i like horses and dogs and i don't read my brains out. your a nerd. i didn't care what she thought just loveeeeeeeeee the mag. i have a minature shaunzer. his name is guiness. he is a siler and in thge sun his coat gleams. with love to dogs life and leanne davies and her dog. siobhan. P.S: Leanne keep up the good work.

5 stars
by Victoria

i love your mag i owne 2 white shepherds and i would love to see them in your mag i get the book each time it comes out could you contact me about getting my white shepherds in you mag the club would love to get our dogs in your mag thanks

5 stars
by jade

I think this is the best mag . I am only 14 and un like others my age who are in to Dolly and GF i love your mag. I you can probally guess i love dogs .I have 2 german sheperds one which i take agillity training. They loved your chrismas cokies in one issue .All in all it is the best mag with the greates dog reviews .

5 stars
by Maria

Love the magazine, am a real nut about dogs and think it's great. I learnt about agility and flyball through your mag and now take my dog, Vera, weekly to agility classes and she has come ist in a competition....Thanks Dogs' Life

5 stars
by Miriam

You all work very hard to make a great magazine that all dog lovers love to read....Bravo!