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4.8 stars (14 reviews, 14 ratings)
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About frankie magazine: Filled with fashion, art, design, travel, photography, music, craft and real-life inspiration, frankie celebrates the latest creative talents and delivers sharp, honest, laugh-out-loud stories that readers can relate to.

Here's a summary of what you'll find inside in our latest issue: Break out the Ice Vo-Vos and grab a mug of your favourite beige or brown liquid: issue 59 is now on sale in Australia and we think you'll find it a tiny bit spectacular. Inside we have chats with young documentary makers about putting real life on film while dodging the secret police; a look at what it's like running a hotel in Hobart (Fawlty Towers references and all); and an epic discussion with Britpop icon Damon Albarn about elephant poo, amongst other things. We meet a lady who loves hand-drawn type and another who paints huge, building-sized murals – plus two Sydneysiders with the best job title ever: "Dean of Awesome". There are tips on how to cook and make friends in the Antarctic; patterns for knitting your own galah, cockatoo and kookaburra pals; and the slightly disturbing news that words like "buxom" and "defecate" didn't always mean what you think they do. Four of our writers take us through the splendour and angst of their first gig, and others pen odes to extra-large knickers and why it sometimes pays to be a goth. On top of all this, we asked some of our favourite makers, designers and general handy types to have their creative way with the humble grey jumper. The result is a lot of stitching, embellishing and awesomeness that we'll be auctioning off for a good cause, so you might be able to get your hands on one if you're quick. Hurrah!

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5 stars
by Evelyne

I absolutely love the big, fat "Frankie" issue 57. Fabulous patterns everywhere. I'm afraid I went a bit crazy with the envelope thing. Just about every page of the issue lends itself to be made into an envelope. Even the 2014 wall planner has those wonderful confetti on the,no I wouldn't!

5 stars
by taylah

Although i am quite young me and my big cusons love Frankie we have every poster every new month on our walls Frankie is very pretty! :)

5 stars
by beth

frankie is all of my life crammed in to a beautiful publication....i feel so special to have found this you frankie!!! i am forever yours xx

3 stars
by Tory

Bit same-same these days but still worth a look.

5 stars
by erinn!!

this magazine is unique it in setout. massive appeal. the artist's section is a hit and dont ever change that! is so great in its appearance. you feel obliged to cut out everything but don't because its a piece of artwork in itself and dont want to edit or disturb the whole pages. quirky, is one word. its a magazine to hold on tight to!!

4 stars
by Rosita

Frankie is fresh, earnest, and endearing in it's appeal. I especially look forward to reading Mia Tempano & Benjamin Law's articles. This is a magazine that captures a chic youth vibe, but, thankfully it doesn't bang on about how cool it is. If Frankie were a woman that I knew I'd say that she is 'understated, sassy and totally self-assured'. Frankie, don't ever change!

5 stars
by Shelby

Frankie is cute fun and smart. Something to make you think and laugh with enough fashion to satisfy.

5 stars
by jac

really good magazing

5 stars
by Rosie

This mag is like a breath of fresh air. I read it over and over - definitely not a 2 hr flick. The funny thing is that if you like this mag - you actually won't like most of the other mags under it on the iSubsribe site.

5 stars
by Nacccy

Read it from the back to the front... too funny

5 stars
by Red

Great mag! I wish it come out every month!

5 stars
by Genevieve

i ? Frankie. it's funny, witty and unique. a good read.

5 stars
by Zara

This magazine is like the best friend you wish you always had! So intelligent, so beautiful and so accessible. You feel like no matter what it's pages will make you think and smile.

5 stars
by Anna

i love this magazine, not so materialistic as your average womens mag



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