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4.5 stars (22 reviews, 22 ratings)
Best Seller
About Super Food Ideas magazine: Fun, fresh and full of ideas, the lighter and brighter Super Food Ideas still has everything you love with plenty of great new stuff. Tested and trusted recipes? Tick! Cute kids’ party food? Check. Cakes and desserts? Sweet! Pictures that shine? Sure thing. Plus their friendly foodies share time-saving ideas and insider know-how to make mealtimes a breeze.

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5 stars
by Nancy

Great magazine. I actually make some of the recipes, not just only look at the pretty pictures. They always turned-out great.

5 stars
by Nerida

An inspirational magazine in the kitchen of this household!

4 stars
by Jacqui

I can always rely on this magazine to discover new "Family Favourite" recipes.

3 stars
by R

Always looking for new ideas

5 stars
by Rachael

This is by far the best foodie magazine out! Have been purchasing this magazine since it came out and have made something from every addition.

4 stars
by Kel

I love the recipes in this mag! Great to pull out on a rainy day spent in the kitchen.

4 stars
by Cassandra

Top tips. Budget recipes. Great mid week ideas.

5 stars
by sheryl

Great magazine.Loads of recipes.Always find something i would like to make

5 stars
by Alicia

My favourite cooking magazine! Still going strong after so many years!

4 stars
by Helena

Great range and amazed at the access to free travel brochures!

3 stars
by Nola

this is the best book iv every purched i now have sent away dor 10 issues there are so much in it hand so many differant resepies for differant countrys and this i like and the tips they give i dont no what id do with out this book2

5 stars
by Faye

I received for my last birthday in July, a year's subscription to S.F.I. magazine and have received the September and October editions before I saw them in the supermarket(s). Having a subscription is a terrific idea.

4 stars
by shayley

love this mag!!!!!:) the recipes i n it are praticle for any sgae group. im 13 and i have already made heaps of foods from it! most of my family sometimes tell me want they want from the mag and i love making it!

4 stars
by Lindy

A great price for a useful magazine. I was lucky enough to win a DVD set of 'Pushing up Daisies' in a competition from the magazine. It was a nice surprise. Looking forward to the next issue. I am hooked!

5 stars
by Stacey

If you want an index, you can make your own, just carefully tear out (or photocopy) the index from each issue, write the issue on the index, and store in a clearfile. I dislike searching for recipes too! plus, this is the best cooking mag for everyday people with hungry families to feed.

4 stars
by Tricia

My favourite mag, I buy them all. Is there an index to all the receipes so far? So often I go to look for a particular receipe and can not remember which book it is in, it would be great if there was a main index.

4 stars
by Teresa

The very best food magazine money can buy!

5 stars
by Dianne

Never missed an issue, fantastic

5 stars
by Giulia

SFI is the best mag in the world i'm 11 and cooking more than my mum!

5 stars
by sandra

great mag, really love recipies and have made the bangers and mash to nite for my very fussy 14 year old son, we both loved it, can be quite hard to find the right thing to cook for the both of us , so thanks for a wonderful mag, will be buying the next one, oh also can we enter comps from nz have tried but with no luck?

5 stars
by Alice

Fantastic mag. Save your money though, subscription is way overpriced. Cheaper to by in shops. :)

5 stars
by Monika

My fiance & I love this magazine