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That's Life!


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4.1 stars (30 reviews, 31 ratings)
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About That's Life! magazine: That's Life! is just like a best friend you can always trust. Readers' stories differentiate That's Life! from other magazines. Each week, readers put their literary talents to the test. And if they're published, their bank balance is boosted! Pages and pages of puzzles and competitions each week provide hours of fun and the chance to win great prizes.

That's Life! offers $80,000 worth of prizes to be won each week! WOW!

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3 stars
by Marie

Most of the holden cars are won in NSW, Is it because it's cheaper to deliver there than any other states

3 stars
by heather

Been buying Thats Life for years for the puzzles mainly and noticing there are fewer of them over time. Used to be consistently 31 or 32, now consistently only 26. I don't expect to win any prizes but the puzzles are good fodder for my aging brain. Please Thats Life, bring back more puzzles. Love the rest of the mag.

5 stars
by cheryl

I have been reading your magazine for years, and I too think it,s a great read about everyday people who have overcome tragety, illness and come out the other side. I love all the puzzles and my favourite one is code cracker, you new look is colourful and bright, but I have noticed a few more ads creeping in, more puzzles please, congrats and three cheers to the whole team at that's life.

5 stars
by maria

Thats life is an excellent mag; from beging to end Merry Christmas to u all

5 stars
by Karen-Joy

I have been buying Thats Life since its inception it is a fantastic magazine with real people not stupid celebraties who i don't give a toss for keep up that great work and have a merry christmas and happy new year to you all

5 stars
by J.A.M

As someone whose only income is pocket money,That's Life fills in many a lonely hour.Thanks a million!

3 stars
by Kelsie

Thats life is the best magazine i buy it every Wednesday to read the real life stories and to do the puzzles they're the best.

4 stars
by big

Ilove thats life. my husband and i cann't often afford to spoil ourselves but when we can we buy thats life.

3 stars
by C

Used to be a 5/5 mag - don't get into it so much anymore. The thing I can't stand is all the New Age garbage that's been included. I am so tired of psychic & 'afterlife' stories and all the ever-so-vague advice given in the New Age-type columns. I am not saying I don't believe in an afterlife - I just think most of it is sensationalism and far from reality. I originally bought Thats Life for its 'REAL LIFE' every-day-people type stories. And that is what I want to read about!

5 stars
by reggie

I love thats life I don't have a car and I don't get to go out of the house much and I have a 2 year old so thank you for keeping me sane

4 stars
by jessica

looking for back issues plz help

5 stars
by Irene

you can really win .THIS MAG IS A WINNER

5 stars
by Wendy

Does That's Life have a Web Page where people can look up or obtain information on articles etc.that have appeared in past issues? It seems several of these message writers have the same problem as me, wanting info from previous issues.

5 stars
by Wendy

I love That's Life, particularly the puzzles and was very pleased when you put all the puzzles in one removable section and extended the answer page passed the edge of the magazine, so much easier than keep going backwards and forwards through the book each time, unfortunately you have now changed it again and to send in the answers one has to cut off a couple of the puzzles. I give my magazine to my daughter and her partner enjoys the puzzle pages, (I work them out on scrap paper keeping the puzzles untouched for him). Is it possible to print the Prize page on the back of the answer list so keeping all the puzzle pages intact?

5 stars
by Alexa

I love TL. My Nana and I also take turns at byeing it next week. Keep up the great mag.

5 stars
by Angela

I purchase your magazine every week for the last 5 years and think it is a wonderful magazine. A friend has resently had a child with half ears and you ran an article about it not to long ago.I went to show her the article but I have thrown that weeks copy in the bin is it possible to get a copy of the article and information.Thank you Angie

3 stars
by peter

if someone could tell me how to submit a story can they please email me the email address to submit a story over the net or a mailing address thank you

3 stars
by Corrine
3 stars
by Elizabeth

It gives you an inside on cooking tips, handy hints for the home and also people's real life dramas some which you can relate to some which you can laugh at other almost want to make you cry. I have tried a few times to sent in stories with pics but I have had no such luck in having mine published yet. The puzzles are good and get you thinking but again after 3 years of entering not a price in sight. However for the price of the mag it is quite good. I recently gave an old bundle of mine to a Hospital Clinic so I am sure many more people will be ready That's Life as a result anyways you think about it is quite reasonable.

1 stars
by krystie

i suggest you check the bonafides of the people that submit STORIES and get permission from the parties lied about in the feature. you have given a reward of $500 to a liar,cheat and a clever manipulator the story doesn't rate

5 stars
by Todd

i been reading thats life since 2000 and i love it i do the puzzles every week ive won some soft toys its great

4 stars
by judy

I look forward to purchasing THAT'S LIFE each Monday - my evening is full doing the Crosswords and it is a real novelty reading stories about REAL PEOPLE Not CELEBRITIES as in other MAGAZINES I congratulate the Editor and her team for the Excellent Mag

3 stars
by Renee

I find this mag to be not all that fantastic. However, if anyone has an old backissue where the story was about a grandmother who was watching her grandson and he drwoned, can you please contact me This is not a joke. I am willing to pay for the magazine and postage costs if necessary, but I need that issue. The story came from Tasmania, and the boy's name was Jayden/Jaidyn, somehting like that.

5 stars
by Christine

I love That's Life!! I have been buying the magazine since its inception and doing the puzzles too. I love the $500 Challenge. Recipes are fantastic. My husband reads the articles too, he loves Barbara Holborrow the best and has never complained that the magazine does not tailor for him too. Great work, looking forward to the next issue, as always.

5 stars
by andrea

this mag rules im a 13 year old girl and i have been reading it since i was like 5 whem i cut pictures out for school till now when i actualy read it it rox.

4 stars
by john

cant find but realy like the mag and puzzles

4 stars
by jean

i love that's life or did until i tried to find the sightforlife web sight tried a number of servers no joy

5 stars
by sarah

i think it's a good mag because the main cover story was about my cousin teoni who died of CF i liked seeing her again but that was a very young picture of her.but she is beautiful in her fairy outfit.i love her and thanks for putting her in there.

4 stars
by Angela

Brilliant magazine, lots of handy hints, good recipes and course the prizes, and yes do you actually win.

4 stars
by Anne

What a magazine! There hasn't been an issue yet which doesn't contain at least one story to bring tears to my eyes. Yes, it's mostly aimed at women but I haven't seen anything purient in it! The stories are real-life, information relevant, recipes palatable and the puzzles and prizes attainable. It is my "escape" and time to myself. Great mag!

4 stars
by Orator

TL is excellent as a "middle-of-the-road" puzzle magazine. The puzzles are not impossible for anyone of average intellect to complete. The stories are geared to interest and prurience but aimed predominantly at women 19-45. As a male who reads/uses TL, I have to say that I'm there for the puzzles and the recipes.



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