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New Scientist Magazine inspires both innovation and imagination, with content on the latest discoveries in science and technology and the impact on today’s society. Read more

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Launched in 1956, New Scientist is one of Australia’s most trusted science and technology magazines. New Scientist inspires both innovation and imagination, reporting on the latest discoveries in science and technology and the impact on today’s society.

New Scientist offers a comprehensive round up of news, ideas, exclusive content and the latest science and technology breakthroughs. As a subscriber, you’ll receive unlimited access to including over 90,000 articles dating back more than 25 years.

Delve into the world of science and enjoy the wit, wisdom and wonder New Scientist has to offer. If someone in the world has a good idea, you’ll read about it through New Scientist.


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by Chris
this is a fantastic magazine suitable for all ages
by Christine
all our family read this magazine, it is full of up to date information, great for all ages
by james
I like new scientist
by Steve
I've been reading this for over 30 years, and you'll read plenty of science news that is seen in the newspapers weeks later.