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New Internationlist is a refreshingly, independent voice that promises unbiased reporting and thought-provoking insights on sustainability, global justice and all the important ethical issues in our changing world. Read more

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New Internationalist is published by a not-for-profit media cooperative working for sustainability and global justice. With fascinating insights, big ideas and detailed information about current issues and ethical living in this changing world, it’s a magazine for anyone who likes to think and question the status quo, appreciates an independent voice and wants to make a difference. Inside you’ll find thought-provoking articles and discussions on important topics such as globalisation, fair trade products and services, climate change, world poverty and economics, equality, minority groups and indigenous populations, corporate social responsibility, gender, human rights and so much more. An eight-time winner of the annual Independent Press Award for Best International Coverage, this is definitely a magazine to look forward to.

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Climate change? Globalisation? Fair Trade? Refugees? What are we to do? New Internationalist magazine provides the big ideas you need for ethical living in our changing world. 10 times winner: global Alternative Press Award. You might as well have the best independent insights. The New Internationalist is a not-for-profit media cooperative working for sustainability and global justice.

As an extra bonus, new subscribers receive a copy of the startling “South up” world map, valued at $11.50.

by ian
new internationalist still provides cutting edge material!

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