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4.8 stars (14 reviews, 14 ratings)
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About Practical Parenting magazine: Australia's ONLY monthly parenting magazine

More a friend than a magazine, Practical Parenting is with you every step of the way, covering everything from conception to birth, babies and beyond.

Practical Parenting is a monthly title. Please allow up to four to six weeks for your first delivery.



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5 stars
by Crystal

I was given a subscription as a gift for my baby shower, and what an awesome gift!! So many good articles and good ideas

4 stars
by Rebecca

I received a subscription to Practical Parenting when I was pregnant with my son. I love the hints and tips and real life stories in this magazine. The recipes are great too.

5 stars
by Tamara

I received this magazine as a subscription as I am pregnant. It is a fantastic magazine for first time parents - very informative and lots of product reviews, tips and suggestions. I certainly look forward to receiving it each month. Highly recommended magazine.

4 stars
by Susan

Great gift for new parents, even before baby arrives. Reassuring to read others experiences, good tips.

5 stars
by Karalee

I recieved this magazine as a subscription every year for my birthday, and i literally cannot wait until it arrives in the post! i have 2 little boys, and it is a lifesaver. Not only does it help you with the day to day things with bringing up kids, it also is a huge morale boost to now you are not alone, HIGHLY recommend it.

5 stars
by kaley

i never thought of reading books or magizines on how to until i babysat a friends child and once they where asleep and house clean i discovered one of your mags in the side table and started to read that was 7 months ago and i have brought it every month since and i alsobrought it for my sister inlaw when she was 4 months pregnent as she had bad all day sickness and was bed bond alot and now she also buys it every month when asked what its like i say its "not a how to" magizine it a "if you wont to do it this way or that"

5 stars
by Simone

I've never read a magazine cover to cover until i read Practical Parenting. I found it so helpful as i have an 11 week old baby boy and it made my worries all seem so normal for a 1st time parent!! I loved it so much that i'm going to subscribe. Thank you for making a magazine so informative yet injoyable at the same time, it made feed times even more enjoyable. I'd recommend to any parent. Thanks again Simone and Little Harrison :-)

5 stars
by Jen

It seems that whatever we are going through at that moment with our son Practical Parenting is delivered to our door and it has solutions to our problem!! And now that I am pregnant again I need to be refreshed and this is the mag to do it!!! Thank you so much.

5 stars
by Danielle

I found the magazine very infomal for first time parents.I would recommend it to other first time parents also.

4 stars
by casey

i started getting ur mag when i was pregnant with my son ryley i find ur magazine very useful and helpful i buy it every month keep up the good work

5 stars
by Alison

Practical Parenting magazine has been my bible since my son was born 19 months ago, it contains up to date info and some great recipes for fussy toddlers. Keep up the good work guys!

5 stars
by samara

This magazine really saved us when our baby had colic in the first seven weeks - bravo to the team at Practical Parenting for advising new parents on everyday challenges about parenthood.

5 stars
by Michael

FANTASTIC MAG for both Mothers and Fathers! WE LOVE reading it, and usually fight over who reads it first!! Would reccommend it to anyone!

5 stars
by Michelle

Sensational mag for those of us navigating the new parents minefield. Tips on sleep management and some great recipes for when bub hits 6 months. Highly recommend!!