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Radio Control Model News is Australia’s only specialist magazine for RC enthusiasts. Established 1991. Read more

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June edition the Keilor Club shows how it's done. Ross Bathie edges closer to joining the 14 channel club. We have three test flights, John Gottchalk’s scratch built 38cc Fokker DV111, Brian Green's scratched from plans 60cc Ziroli Spitfire, 60cc VQ Big Flybaby. Scale Matters looks at creating scale detail. Keith Quigg reviews Futaba FX 36 plus a peek at the FX 22 and runout 10CHP 2.4. Dab Wheeler's pursuit of the perfect F3a flight continues. Extreme Zone covers pylon racing in Qld and abroad in the build up for team trial for the 2019 World Championships. Flying 60cc finished the VQ big Fly Baby glider tug, sorting out a new engine, programs two elevator servos and fits Futaba GPS and Optical RPM. Flight School has tail dragger tips with the FMS Super EX the 2017 RCM News "Plane of the Year". Bank and Yank has a Kraken interview with Reno F1 racer Ross Killin. A retro look at selling aeromodelling in Trailing Edge

by colin
Love getting this in the mail, for a beginner there`s lots i can learn from the stories, and dream of one day flying scale.

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