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WHITE IS ABOUT ‘THE DAY’ AND ALL THE DAYS AFTER. This is what makes white so much more than a wedding magazine. Read more

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This is what makes white so much more than a wedding magazine. It’s a marriage revolution.
Our pages are a mecca for front-line creatives, where romance and artistry collide. white is obsessed with honest beauty, and with pure, sweet homages to originality. We don’t follow trends; we dream with you, and inspire you to create a wedding day that celebrates your story with integrity and wonder.
More than that, we are a catalyst for positive change in the culture of marriage and relationships. We believe that every marriage touches the lives of more than just those who make the vows. We believe in love that is sincere and generous, love that holds on.
When a wedding launches two adventurous hearts into the wild, unchartered skies of marriage, we go with you. We bring together stories of love and life – personal narratives of laughter, romance, oftentimes tragedy, but always hope. We hold marriage up to the light, and use our pages to venture into honest, clever and meaningful conversations about all the unglamorous parts of marital (mis)adventure. white is your companion in the trenches and triumphs of life as a two-person love-troop.
white celebrates it all with you. We are here to challenge you, to laugh and cry with you, to always point you home. And we’ll be here as you discover that home is a person, not a destination.
We’re here to help you create a marriage as beautiful as your wedding day.

by Haydi
by Sara
Love it! Beautiful pictures!
by Donna
Great read! Probably the first wedding magazine I've actually enjoyed reading and got something out of it! NICE!
by Amy
Very inspiring wedding magazine! Not like any other I have picked up.Check out their site also www.whitemagazine.com.au
by Katie
a fantastic magazine with practical tips plus beautiful pictures to get the inspiration juices flowing!
by Shane
Great read, even guys will enjoy it!

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