Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to helping our users help one another. Below is a list of common frequently asked questions and respective answers. If you have any questions that you find are unanswered here, please contact us and we will reply directly to you. We may then post your answer here to assist others.

21.  Can I use a PO box for billing and receiving magazines?
Yes. PO boxes can be used for the billing and recipient addresses of magazine subscriptions.
1. I have not received my iCARD, how do I resend?
2. Are my details safe and confidential, and how will they be used?
3. Is it safe to purchase online?
4. How can I pay for my subscription?
5. Can I order a subscription as a gift?
6. How can I notify a gift recipient of a subscription?
7. I can't pick a specific title, am I able to purchase a gift voucher/card?
8. How do I know my order has been successful?
9. How long should I expect to wait to receive an e-mail acknowledging that my order was successful?
10. I would like to purchase multiple, separate subscriptions, all different magazines and for different people. How do I arrange this?
11. I would like to purchase magazines as Christmas gifts. I want the first issue to be received to come after Christmas. How do I arrange this, or when do I need to subscribe?
12. How do I create an iCARD in the Checkout?
13. How do I purchase a gift voucher online?
14. What stores sell iSUBSCRiBE gift cards?
15. I have received a gift card or voucher, how do I use it?
16. How long do I have to wait for my first issue to arrive?
17. Where are the magazines sent from?
18. My magazine hasn't arrived this week/month, what do I do?
19. How is my subscription delivered?
20. How much does iSUBSCRiBE charge for shipping/postage?
21. Does iSUBSCRiBE offer international delivery?
22. Can I use a PO box for billing and receiving magazines?
23. Can I use a PO box for receiving newspapers subscriptions?
24. How discreetly are the adult magazines delivered?
25. I am receiving your newsletters via email, how do I discontinue these?
26. How do I get a login ID in order to purchase subscriptions?
27. I have forgotten my Password, how do I get it resent?
28. Can I change my password?
29. How do I change my address?
30. How do I send an iCARD with my gift subscription?
31. How do I get an iCARD if I forgot or was unable to set one up?
32. I got my magazine today but the gift that was available in-store is not attached. Why is this?
33. My subscription includes a free gift. Who will it be sent to and when?
34. What currency are your international delivery prices in?
35. Are international orders sent airmail or surface mail?
36. How do I organise for a magazine to be delivered to my country?
37. Can I renew my subscriptions, if so how?
38. What do I do if I am not happy with the title I have received/given?
39. What do I do if I already receive the title I have received/given?
40. Can I unsubscribe/cancel my subscriptions?
41. Does iSUBSCRiBE offer services to libraries, schools & businesses, or just individuals?
42. I want to run a Consumer Promotions/Incentive based Promotion. Can iSUBSCRiBE help me?
43. Does iSUBSCRiBE offer student discounts?
44. Does iSUBSCRiBE offer senior discounts?
45. Does iSUBSCRiBE offer bulk Discounts?
46. Can I write a review on a magazine?
47. Can I purchase back issues?
48. Can you check I to see if my friend is a subscriber before purchasing a gift?
49. I forgot to create an iCARD when purchasing my Order, How can I get one once the order has been placed?