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At last! An independent, intelligent Australian magazine.The Monthly contains first-rate reportage on Read more

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At last! An independent, intelligent Australian magazine.The Monthly contains first-rate reportage on politics, society and culture for people who love to read insightful and elegantly presented pieces.
It features a host of Australia’s best writers, including Robert Manne, Chloe Hooper, Craig Sherborne, Richard Flanagan, Helen Garner, Gideon Haigh, Judith Brett, Robert Forster and Luke Davies.
Content includes essays of 1500 to 8000 words that traverse politics, investigations, profiles, global affairs, media and society, plus the pick of Australian culture: books, films, music, theatre, fashion, festivals, visual art and architecture.
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by Pat
We badly missed The Bulletin when it folded, but at last Aussies have a magazine we can be proud of. This is more than news and more than simple commentary. Talented contributors from many fields write knowledgeably and at length about their areas of expertise without being limited to a handful of column inches (or whatever they're measured in now). Great and varied reading, with everything from medicine and science to book reviews and political opinion. First-class.
by Bronwyn
The Monthly covers topics of local, state, national and international interest. The articles go deep into the topic and give the reader a broader insight and context to the story. The Monthly also provides a nice balance between current affairs, the arts and social issues. There are also quirky stories to lighten the reading matter. The magazine is a well balanced and thoughtful publication. I would recommend it to any-one interested in what is happening in the world around them and how it affects them.