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  • How do I create an iCARD in the Checkout?
    If you are purchasing a subscription as a gift, just follow the steps below.

    1.When making the purchase you must select 'Yes' during stage 2 'Enter Recipient Information' when asked 'Is this subscription a gift?'.
    2.After completing the order page and hitting submit you will then be presented with the iCARD to complete and email.
    3. Enter the Recipients/Billers names & the email address you would like the iCard sent to, and also the message you would like to appear on the iCARD.

    Once you selected the iCard to be “sent now” you will be redirected to you confirmation page. The iCARD will be sent to your nominated email address within 5 Minutes.
  • How do I purchase a gift voucher online?
    There are 2 options available to purchase online at isubscribe:
    1. Delivery instantly via email - isubscribe Gift Voucher. Email to yourself or the gift recipient. Purchase here
    2. Delivery by post - isubscribe Premium Gift Card & Box. The card can be posted out to yourself or the recipient. Purchase here
  • I forgot to create an iCARD when purchasing my Order, How can I get one once the order has been placed?
    If you have already completed the order and would like an iCARD to be made for you, simply reply to the confirmation email with the following information:

    - The magazine purchased
    - The recipients name
    - The email address you would like the gift card sent to
    - The personalised message you would like on the card
    - Who the card is from
    - What date you would like the card sent

    One of our friendly customer service members will make an iCARD up for you.
  • I have not received my iCARD, how do I resend?
    If you have completed your order and created the iCARD but have not received it, you can follow the below steps to get the iCARD resent:

    1. Log into your account here
    2. Scroll down to the section entitled 'iCARDS'
    3. Click on 'edit' next to the iCARD that you wish to resend/edit
    4. Edit the iCARD message to your liking
    5. Make sure the send date set to 'Send Now'
    6. Click update

    The iCARD should then appear in your inbox. Please note that sometimes these emails can be filtered through to Junk/Spam inbox's, so please check there if you cannot locate it.
  • I have received a gift card or voucher, how do I use it?
    To redeem your isubscribe gift voucher or gift card, simply add any magazine or newspaper subscription(s) to your shopping cart, then at the checkout enter your gift voucher or gift card code. If your gift card has a grey 'scratch panel' you will need to scratch it and insert the 16 digit code/pin that is exposed. Any amount over the value of the gift voucher or gift card can be paid for with an accepted credit card. Unless stipulated on the card or voucher, you can use multiple vouchers in the one transaction. After each 16 digit code is entered click 'add voucher code or PIN'. Once the code is accepted, you can entered another code. Please note PayPal cannot be used in conjunction with a gift voucher or gift card.
  • What stores sell isubscribe gift cards?
    You can purchase an isubscribe Gift Card from participating retail outlets including Australia Post, Woolworths, Coles, Big W, Target and Supa IGA. Retail Gift Cards are available in $30 and $60 denominations.


  • Can I use a PO box for billing and receiving magazines?
    Yes. PO boxes can be used for the billing and recipient addresses of magazine subscriptions.
  • Can I use a PO box for receiving newspapers subscriptions?
    No. As newspaper distribution are handled by local delivery agents and they require a street address to deliver the newspaper to. PO boxes are not accepted for delivery.
  • Does isubscribe offer international delivery?
    Yes isubscribe offers international Delivery on selected titles. Titles that have International Delivery available will display a 'Show International Pricing' button underneath the Australian delivery pricing. To view the pricing simply click the button. All pricing is presented in Australian Dollars and includes delivery.
  • How discreetly are the adult magazines delivered?
    Adult Magazines are delivered with utmost discretion in unmarked envelopes by mail.
  • How is my subscription delivered?
    Magazines are delivered by Australia Post, to your street address or PO box along with all other mail. Newspapers are hand delivered to your street address by a local delivery agent.
  • How long do I have to wait for my first issue to arrive?
    The arrival time for your magazine is dependent on the frequency of distribution. isubscribe process your order immediately, the next issue dispatched will then be the first for your subscription. The industry standard delivery times are presented below:
    For Digital Editions please allow up to 7 days to receive your first email.
    For weekly publications please allow up to two to four weeks for your first delivery.
    For monthly publications please allow up to four to six weeks for your first delivery.
    For bi-monthly publications please allow up to six to eight weeks for your first delivery.
    For quarterly publications please allow up to ten to twelve weeks for your first delivery.
    For special offers please allow up to six weeks for delivery.
    For back issues please allow up to six weeks for delivery.
    For international delivery please allow up to ten to twelve weeks for your first delivery.
  • How much does isubscribe charge for shipping/postage?
    All prices listed on isubscribe include delivery and handling charges.
  • My magazine hasn't arrived this week/month, what do I do?
    If your magazine hasn't arrived or you think it may be running late please contact isubscribe and we will investigate any issues you may have.
  • Where are the magazines sent from?
    Each publisher is responsible for the fulfilment of their respective magazines. Publishers specialise in delivering magazines efficiently meaning that they will distribute from locations Australia wide.



  • How do I get an iCARD if I forgot or was unable to set one up?
    If you require an iCARD but do not have one, don't stress, just click the contact us tab and we will be more than happy to activate an iCARD for you. If we could ask that you please provide the following information:

    - The magazine purchased
    - The recipients name
    - The email address you would like the gift card sent to
    - The personalised message you would like on the card
    - Who the card is from
    - What date you would like the card sent
    Alternatively you can call us on 1300 303 619.
  • How do I send an iCARD with my gift subscription?
    To send an iCARD with your order simply select YES to 'Is this a gift subscription?'. On the checkout page, continue entering your details. After you hit the submit key you will then be presented with the ability to complete the iCARD.


  • I got my magazine today but the gift that was available in-store is not attached. Why is this?
    Often there are free gifts on the cover of magazines. The majority of gifts are sent with the subscriptions but this is dependent on each of the Publishers. Delivery agents assess if the postage size/weight of the gift and the postage fee permits it to be mailed out. Delivery of these gifts is also dependent on a number of other key factors. Please contact isubscribe before ordering to confirm if gifts are supplied with a particular title.
  • My subscription includes a free gift. Who will it be sent to and when?
    In most cases the free gift will be sent to the gift giver rather than the recipient and can take up to 6 weeks to arrive. The gift will arrive separately from the first issue, so don't worry if it hasn't arrived at the same time.
    If your gift hasn't arrived within 6 weeks you can contact the magazine publishers who will be able to help you. You can find all their contact details on your confirmation email, or in your MY ACCOUNT section on our site.


  • Are international orders sent airmail or surface mail?
    This depends on the Publishers of each title. The vast majority are sent airmail.
  • How do I organise for a magazine to be delivered to my country?
    To organise delivery internationally please select the title subscription you are after by searching or browsing for it. You will then need to select the 'SHOW INTERNATIONAL PRICING' button below the order now button. Once you have all the titles you require you then select 'check out' which is located on the shopping cart page to your right hand side under the total amount payable. All amounts are subject to change, are presented in Australian Dollars, and include delivery.
  • What currency are your international delivery prices in?
    All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars, there is a currency converter located in your shopping cart for convenience. To view simply add a title and then go to shopping cart. Below the the total click "view total in other currencies"


  • Can I renew my subscriptions, if so how?
    Yes you can renew your existing subscriptions at isubscribe. Simply select the magazine you wish to renew, add it to your shopping cart then proceed to the checkout. On the checkout page you will be asked if this is a renewal, select yes and then fill out your details. Please Note: You will need to ensure that the recipients name matches the original order.
  • Can I unsubscribe/cancel my subscriptions?
    Cancellations or refunds are arranged if there is a fault with the product, problems with the delivery of the product, closure of a business or other extenuating circumstances. Under Australian Consumer Law we are not obliged to offer refunds for 'change of mind' reasons.
    We are happy to advise you on any information you require through CONTACT US. Please be aware that for International orders NO refunds are available.
    Alternatively if delivery has commenced you can contact the publisher directly. The publisher's name and phone number is provided in the confirmation email for each purchase.
    Standard practise is to refund monies for the remaining issues in your subscription at the time of cancellation.
    Please note: if you are requesting a refund in the first 48 hours after placing the order transactions can usually be reversed.
  • What do I do if I already receive the title I have received/given?
    If the subscription recipient already receives this title you can choose from one of the following options:
    1. You can extend your current subscription with the new subscription (eg. Combine two 12 month subscriptions to make a 24 month subscription).
    2. You can often change the subscription to a titles by the same publisher.
    3. The bill payer can often organise a pro-rata refund.
    Please contact us on 1300 303 619 to discuss this further.
  • What do I do if I am not happy with the title I have received/given?
    If you are not happy with the current title of purchase you can choose from one of the following options:
    1. You can often change the subscription to a title by the same publisher.
    2. The bill payer can often organise a pro-rata refund.
    Please contact us on 1300 303 619 to discuss this further.



  • Can I purchase back issues?
    For many titles, isubscribe offers back issues. Where back issues are available they can be accessed by
    1. Searching the title of interest,
    2. Entering it's title page, and then;
    3. Selecting the 'Back Issues' Button on that page.
    If there are back issues you are interested in that are not listed please contact isubscribe and we will put you in touch with the publisher.
  • Can I write a review on a magazine?
    Yes, isubscribe welcomes all customer feed back. If you would like to write a review on a particular title, go to the page for that title and follow the instructions under 'Title Reviews'. It's that easy.
  • Can you check I to see if my friend is a subscriber before purchasing a gift?
    isubscribe can check that for you. If you call us on 1300 303 619 we will inspect our database for your friend's details, or we can give you the publishers number so you can to and check if your friend is on the Publisher's database.
  • Does isubscribe offer bulk Discounts?
    Unfortunately isubscribe cannot offer bulk discounts. The prices for each title are set by the publishers, thus restricting special discounts for bulk orders.
  • Does isubscribe offer senior discounts?
    Unfortunately isubscribe does NOT offer senior discounts at this stage.
  • Does isubscribe offer student discounts?
    Unfortunately isubscribe does not offer student discounts.

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