Prevention Editor, Andrea Duvall's Top 5 Gift Ideas for Mum

Is your Mum into health and wellbeing? We've called in the expert! Here Andrea Duvall's top 5 gift ideas that are sure to make your Mum smile.

1. Time!

Sharing some of your time with your mum is a priceless gift, no matter how old you both are. Do something fun together – whether it’s enjoying a lovely lunch, just the two of you, or taking her to the movies? Or, if you’re a girl, sharing a mani-pedi can be fun too! (There is nothing more spirit-boosting for me than sharing a laugh with my teenage son!)

2. A gift voucher for a Pilates class

It’s very gentle and helps build core strength and muscle tone, which is so important to good health as we age. And it’s fun too!

3. A quality juicer

My blender gets a daily workout making green juices for a quick breakfast, and banana smoothies for healthy energy boosts. Some blenders even have a heat switch so you can make quick, healthy soups, too!

4. A gift voucher from a meal delivery service

Ones like Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon that give you a box of fresh ingredients and a recipe. I love that even their herbs and spices come in pre-measured sachets so, just like Jamie Oliver, you can effortlessly whip up a healthy, home-cooked meal in under 30 minutes!

5. A Prevention subscription

Well, of course! If you care about your mum, why not ensure this magazine pops into her letterbox every two months, to inspire her with practical information about looking after her health and feeling fabulous at every age!

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