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Top Five Health & Wellbeing Magazines For Mum

They say the key to a long and happy life is good physical and mental health, and too often our mums are so busy looking after others, they forget to look after themselves. So treat this as a gentle nudge; a way of saying that even if only for a couple of hours every month, she ought to put her feet up and have some well-earned me time.

Women's Health - A guide-to-life for the fitness savvy Mum, Women’s Health is the ultimate bible. Like a personal cheerleader, this magazine will inspire and motivate her, making it perfect for the athletic aficionados and exercise virgins alike. Tailor-made workout routines and intelligent articles written by leading health experts sit alongside nutritious health plans and tips for boosting mood, mind, and even sex life. Inspirational, invigorating and enlightening. For the active Mum who loves a new challenge.

Breathe – It’s crazy but true, that with everything going in life, one thing that Mums find hard to do is just stop to take a big, deep breath. Well now there is a magazine that will change that, literally help them slow down and reflect. Brimming with enchanting illustrations and thoughtful content, it is a pleasure to hold and savour. Printed on quality matte paper, it is gorgeously crafted and can’t help but inspire and uplift. With page after page of articles that focus on how to achieve relief from stress, increase resilience, find greater happiness and lead a more fulfilling life, do your ‘rushed off her feet’ Mum a favour!

WellBeing - What better way to show your Mum you care than giving her the gift of complete wellness? A monthly compendium of holistic inspired healthy living, WellBeing is one of Australia’s most trusted and respected natural health and lifestyle magazines. Packed with information on healing through food, environmental awareness, sustainable living and holistic medicine, this magazine is always ahead of the curve. For the holistically minded Mum.

Prevention – Prevention may be better than a cure, but this magazine offers so much more than that. It is a guide to living a vibrant, exciting and inspiring life no matter your Mum’s age. Not only does it cover health advice for the over forties, including the latest medical breakthroughs and signposts to look out for, it also has a ton of inspiring lifestyle content. Like beauty advice for looking fab over 40, the best nutrition tips and delicious recipes, plus ideas for boosting brain, body and mind. For the forever-young Mum.

Weight Watchers – If your Mum needs a little fitness boost, but lacks the support and time, then Weight Watchers is an excellent choice. Far more that simply a weight loss tool, it is about falling in love with real food again, and taking a positive approach to health and fitness so your Mum feels empowered, encouraged and brimming with determination. Always thinking of the long game, Weight Watchers is about retraining the mind to make smarter choices for a stress-free, healthier and happier life. It is also a community, so your Mum will feel connected to like-minded folk, making the process infinitely easier.


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