The saying goes that politics is for life, not just for Christmas. Now is the time to get a magazine gift that is sure to get their mind racing and their tongue wagging…


Very few titles carry the global reputation of TIME. With over 20 million readers, this mag has been at the cutting edge of current affairs since 1923. The go-to guide for all things political, philanthropic, and everything in between, TIME is a must for anyone you know who won’t let a little thing like Christmas stop them from keeping their finger firmly on the world’s pulse. Shop Now


The Spectator is packed full of the most controversial content by the wittiest wordsmiths. Never one to bow to spin, this mag’s valiant attempt to promote original thought has kept it political, provocative and perceptive throughout its 187-year history. From the suitability of sprouts to the situation in Syria, The Spectator is for people who are never afraid to speak their mind. Shop Now


Whether it’s concerning business, current affairs or international news, The Economist delivers week in, week out, in an irreverent, insightful and wholly independent way. The latest developments and breaking news are delivered straight to your doorstep, so you’ll never miss a market fluctuation again. Ker-ching!? Shop Now


The lowdown on what’s up Down Under. The Chaser Quarterly is Australia’s premium dose of scathing satire. Covering culture, history, politics, sport and fashion, this mag pulls no punches when it comes to battering your funny bone into submission with quick-fire witticisms and a healthy smattering of sarcasm so white-hot it’ll cook your Christmas turkey for you! Shop Now


Endorsed by the former Mayor of New York, Bloomberg Businessweek could claim to be the most comprehensive insight into the twists and turns of the international marketplace. Relied on by business leaders in order to get ahead of the competition, this mag combines technical analysis with well-written features to provide the ultimate guide to global business. Shop Now


Looking for the perfect publication for the curious, intelligent and independent minded? Then look no further: The Monthly is that very mag. Featuring a host of the Australia's best writers – including Robert Manne, Chloe Hooper and Craig Sherborne – The Monthly uncovers the crème de la crème of Aussie culture with a collection of essays that seamlessly traverse politics, profiles and global affairs. Shop Now


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