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What is isubscribe Rewards?

isubscribe Rewards is our loyalty program to reward our awesome customers. It's free to join and members can earn isubscribe Rewards points (Points) plus enjoy a birthday gift and lots more exclusive member benefits!

Are there any fees?

No. There's no joining fee or ongoing fees.

Who can join?

All individuals can join. You must obtain permission from your parent or guardian prior to joining if you are under 18 years old.

Corporations, partnerships, trusts and Government bodies are not eligible to participate.

What are the benefits?

It’s free.

You’ll receive a birthday reward.

You will earn Points on every purchase.

You will earn 500 instant Points when you update your subscriber profile.

You can redeem your Points at any time.

Your Points have no expiry date.

You’ll receive exclusive rewards.

How do I join?

Anybody can join by heading to JOIN.

You are also provided with opportunities to join during and immediately after completing any purchase at and you will be provided with Points for the purchase you just made.

How do I get an instant 500 Points?

Simply join isubscribe Rewards and update your subscriber profile to earn an instant 500 Points. That’s $5 you can put towards your next purchase.  You can update your subscriber profile at MY ACCOUNT

You will only receive the instant 500 Points the first time you update your profile but you can change details of your profile information (except your birthday details) at any time.

How do I earn Points?

After joining isubscribe Rewards you will automatically earn 5 Points on every dollar you spend on when a purchase is completed.

Any purchases you make prior to joining isubscribe Rewards will not be eligible for Points.

Points can be earned on purchases of gift vouchers. Points are not earned on redemption of gift vouchers.

Points will be allocated to your account 90 days after a purchase is completed. Prior to this 90 days period they will be shown as pending Points in your account.

You can earn an instant 500 Points by completing or updating your account profile.  These can be used immediately.

Bonus Points and Points promotions may be offered from time to time with specific terms.

When will I receive Points for my recent purchase?

Points will be allocated to your account 90 days after a purchase is completed. Prior to this 90 days period they will be shown as pending Points in your account.

You will only receive Points for purchases made after you have joined isubscribe Rewards.  However, you will also receive Points for a purchase if you join while completing an order. 

Will I get Points for gift vouchers?

Points can be earned on purchases of gift vouchers.

Points are not earned on redemption of gift vouchers.

How much credit do I get for my Points?

100 Points adds up to $1 of credit that you can spend at

If you complete your profile and receive 500 instant Points you have $5 worth of credit that can be used immediately.

The redemption value of Points is determined solely by isubscribe and may be varied at any time.

How do I redeem Points?

Points can be used at any time you choose. A minimum of 5 Points is required to start redeeming Points against a purchase.

You must log in to your isubscribe account to redeem Points against a purchase.

When selecting a payment method, you can determine to redeem Points against the purchase. A purchase can be made with any combination of Points, gift voucher and credit card as payment methods.

Points from different accounts cannot be merged, including between family members.

Points are never redeemable for cash.

Remember, you cannot redeem Points if you use the guest check out option. There is no way to link your order as a guest to your account.

Can I redeem some points and not the full amount?

Yes, you can select how many points (i.e. how much credit) you’d like to use against your order when selecting your payment methods at the checkout.

To start redeeming points you need a minimum of just 5 points.

Do my points expire?

Your points do not expire.

We will update our terms and conditions if there is any change to this condition.

When will the Points be added to my account?

500 Points for updating your profile will be instantly added to your account. These can be used immediately.

Points will be added to your account 90 days after completing a purchase. You can see the total number of pending Points in your account at any time. You will be emailed after 90 days to let you know your Points have landed and are ready to redeem!

What happens to Points if I exchange or obtain a refund?

If you obtain a full refund by gift voucher any Points you earned on the purchase will remain in your account. If you obtain a full refund via credit card or eft any Points earned for that purchase will be deducted from your account. If there are insufficient Points in your account to deduct for the refund, your refund can only be processed by gift voucher.

If a refund is required on a purchase where Points were redeemed you will receive a refund by gift voucher for the total order value including the value of the Points redeemed. If the refund relates to a purchase made using both Points and card you can instead choose to receive a refund for the dollar amount you paid yet any Points redeemed will be not be returned to your account.

In the event of an exchange, Points will not be adjusted to reflect any difference in price between the original product and the new product.

How will I know how many Points I have?

Your Points balance and Pending points balance are shown in your account page.  Simply use your email and password to sign into your account at any time at MY ACCOUNT

The email to log in is usually the address used for a purchase and where your purchase confirmation email was sent.

I didn’t sign up but made a purchase, do I get isubscribe Rewards?

You must join to earn Points and receive other isubscribe Rewards benefits.

You will have earned 5 Points on every $1 spent if you have joined when you made a purchase.

When will I receive the $5 birthday reward voucher?

You will be emailed your $5 birthday reward gift voucher on the first day of your birthday month!

To receive the birthday reward your account must contain your birthday details and a valid email address. Your birthday details cannot be changed after they have been entered.

The birthday voucher is valid for 28 days and cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher.

Take care to check that our emails get to you! Mark emails from isubscribe as ‘safe’ in your email provider and check your trash or deleted folders in case our email may have filtered through to you there.

Once you have entered your birthday information, it cannot be changed so be careful!

How do I Refer a friend?

Give your friend a $5 Referral Voucher.  And you get 5 Referral points for every dollar your friend spends on the order they place with the Referral voucher you forward.

Simply request a $5 Referral voucher  and forward the email you receive from isubscribe to a friend.

You have to be an isubscribe Rewards member to Refer a friend to earn more points.  It's free and easy to join.

You can refer up to 10 friends every 30 days.  Each Referral voucher contains a unique code so only forward it once.  If you'd like to refer another friend simply request a additional $5 Referral voucher.

You will earn 5 Referral points for every dollar your friend spends on credit card on the order they place with the referral voucher you send. The referral points are pending for 90 days.

You'll receive an email once your friend has used the Referral voucher you sent.  And you will be notified when the referral points have landed in your account.

Who can use the $5 Referral voucher?

The Referral voucher can be used once by a customer who is new to isubscribe.

It expires in 90 days and cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher, PayPal or Afterpay.

To redeem the voucher your friend needs to make a purchase at isubscribe and add the Referral voucher code at the checkout.

If your friend joins isubscribe Rewards during the checkout they can also receive points for the order.

How do I stop receiving emails?

You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time by updating your preferences in your account or by contacting isubscribe for assistance.

If you opt out you may not receive notification of your isubscribe Rewards benefits.

How do I withdraw from isubscribe Rewards?

We hope you enjoy the free benefits provided with isubscribe Rewards.  But if you want to withdraw from isubscribe Rewards simply contact isubscribe

Is there any more information about isubscribe Rewards?

Yes, simply visit our Rewards page.

We're here to help!

If you can't find the answer you're looking for please contact isubscribe. We will get back to you directly.

Join isubscribe Rewards and you can earn an instant 500 points.
That's $5 credit off your next purchase!