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10 Secrets to Online Share Trading

10 Secrets to Online Share Trading cover

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Co-authored by Jim Berg.

In this ebook, John Atkinson continues with more articles written for:
Daryl Guppy’s newsletter 'Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis'
PLUS Extracts on how to create a Trading Plan & Jim Berg's common sense trading strategies from their 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report
Plus a warning to novices,only days before the market corrected.

The authors write; "Experienced traders and investors understand that market and personal psychology, coupled with sound money & risk management are often far more important than the stocks you buy…..It is not all about finding the holy grail indicator, wading through company reports or analysts’ data. Those who win in the market long term are those who do not become sucked in by the ‘irrational exuberance’..."

This Ebook aims to help you protect yourself & avoid some major pitfalls in the stock or share market.


How to Survive before you can profit
How to plan your portfolio for trade, sector, volatility & portfolio risk
Optimize your trades - when you have a few potential selections & only funds for one
Exit strategies (cont from Part 1)
Stop loss psychology
Importance of building your Trading Plan
The warnings Jim's Report Members received in Dec.2007 i.e. BEFORE the savage falls in 2008.
and much more

Take control of your financial future now and learn the 10 Secrets to Profitable Online Stock & Share Trading.

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