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Chock-full of all the awesome, cool stuff kids want to know about –games, movies, TV and music - plus seriously good competitions and puzzles, random bits of info and wicked prizes. Read more

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By far the coolest kids magazine, every issue of K-Zone is chock-a-block of awesome stuff and it’s all geared to 6-13 year olds. Step inside Hahaverse for some pranks and laughs (try them on your friends!); head into Movie Isle and TV Towers for the latest entertainment buzz and chill out in Gamer Galaxy to catch up on the hottest new games. In between that, enjoy Win World with wicked competitions and prizes to be won then travel into Realm of the Random for some seriously random info and ideas. And if that’s not enough, get busy in Puzzle Planet, which is packed with riddles, puzzles and games – solve them all, tick them off and check out the answers. So much fun all in one mag. Go nuts.

From the publisher

The coolest magazine for kids. Packed with fun and information

K-Zone gives kids the chance to read about topics important to them, to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends hitting the playground. It arms them with the latest gossip on new music, movies, TV shows and games. K-Zone educates, fostering curiosity with information about the world kids live in, and providing them with inspirational activities to fill in rainy afternoons.
PLEASE NOTE: Note: Does not come with the free gifts available on the newsstand copies

Suitable for boys & girls aged 6-13 years.


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by Mat
Entertaining, informed on the latest cool products such as toys, games, books and the freebies are good quality.
by Dell
I bought a subscription to K Zone for my 11yr old grandson, he loves it and reads it from cover to cover and waits excitedly for his next issue. Thumbs up!
by Hi
When I first picked up kzone I new it was the one there was no better magizne in the world so from then one ford I have never missed one issue
by lydia
i like this magazine and i'm reading it now. ihope that i get the chance to get them new ones. Lax!!!
by chris
kzone is god and it neads more comics/bart simpson
by Guy
kzone is th best mag ever!!!!!!
by Dumdum978
I subscribe because k-zone is the best. also me and my friend are the best at k-kash
by austin
k-zone is the best
by noriell
winners of gundam seed sticker gallery poster
by Simon
Simply addictive!!!
by alannah
i think that kzone is more for younger ages like 5-10 than older ages... but it is a still alrite mag to read when ur bored..
by Ann
K-Zone is the best and the most I like there is the '' THAT'S ANIME''
by Nina
i love this mag. i would like 2 say awesome job to the designer Narell!!!
by Hayley
Kzone magazine sucks! Although the comps are too cool for this planet!
by Glaizle
K-zone is the best!! Hope there will be may topics 'bout Yugioh! so it will be more great!
by nick
its so good i read it every day and i LOVE it!!!!!!
by Ryan
i think K-zone is better than T.V.
by jarrod
best in the world
by Nick
by daina
k-zone rockx and i love it
by oliver
by Jordan
K-zone is the coolest mag EVER
by Jackson
Kzone is the best magazine ever I collect it every month
by anthony
I love reading dbz q&a
by jazz
k-zone rocks!!!!!
by lana
it's a good book for younger one's but i also loved it i'm and i reckon it's an alright mag to read for younger ages and older......
by Octobius
It's a really cool mag.
by charlee
I bet ,sorry I know that this a mad dog zine and that its the hottest one since Australia reached 48 degrees!!
by Robert
It's the most wicked kids mag out there!!
by Robert
It's the most wicked kids mag out there
by louise
cool mag and fun to read
by Ben
K-zone would get 5 stars if it had more yugioh topics
by Justin
K-Zone is my future magazine
by karissa
k-zone is really nice
by Carole
K-zone rocks!!!! and I thick EVERY kid should read it!!!!!
by Jenny
Great and interesting
by Jemma
It's more for boys but I love it!!!
by rhys
totaly ssiiiiiicccckkkkk!!!
by Jon
K-Zone is a great magizine 4 kids.
by Joreza
it is so cool! especially the harry potter facts and the calendar!
by Jayden
I like all the things you put in K-zone, espeacially like the facts about DBZ and the comics are cool
by Caitlyn
k-zone rocks!
by rachael
This is the best mag ever!
by Hina
i think k-zone is not the coolest but the best mag i've seen in the whole universe
by naomi
its hard to keep head out of
by alex
its the best
by Michelle
keeps the kids amused for hours

For monthly titles please allow up to four to six weeks for your first delivery.

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