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4.2 stars (10 reviews, 10 ratings)
About Menu Magazine: Menu Magazine is a bi-annual publication, that provides the ultimate guide to wining and dining in Perth. Created by local food lovers and connoisseurs alike, Menu is created for those with a passion for fine dining and trying new things. Every issue, we write about restaurants, cafes, coffee, beer, wine and tell you what is happening in Perth’s world of food. We’ll also give you food reviews, product reviews, entertainment, competitions and much more. Don’t risk missing out this exciting publication.

Menu Magazine is a bi-annual publication. The magazine will be delivered in January & July.



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4 stars
by Gabby

I picked up this magazine at Every Woman a couple weeks ago. It is all local WA. It's great to see something that is local for a change. Love it and can recommend it.

4 stars
by Ian

This is the best food magazine in Western Australia. A different way of looking at things. Very refreshing.

4 stars
by Kelly

Don't know how I have missed this magazine. Really cool stories. A bit left wing also. I like it.

5 stars
by Cam

Fantastic Issue Number 10. Great reviews, diverse information and above all, wonderful design. Congrats to the Menu team, keep up the amazing work!

4 stars
by Jeff

I must say that the last issue was the best so far. I have been getting this magazine for a few years now and it seems that with all the media coverage like Master Chef and others have forced a more mature approach on thinks. Well done and keep up the good work.

5 stars
by Dianna

I subscribed to your magazine early last year. I must say that the last issue is the best so far. You are really talking my language. A great foodie magazine.

4 stars
by Anthony

Got the latest issue cause the food on the cover was amazing. Read it from cover to cover and so far I have been to 3 places recommended. The cover shot was from a place in Fremantle called Next Door. It lived up to expectation. Next place was Azure in Mount Hawthorn. What a cool place and the food was spot on. The third place I went to was Ess Bar because they do live music also. This is such a good magazine. I think I will be going out much more often now. And thanks heaps for the movie passes.

3 stars
by David

Got this mag today. Love the restaurant reviews but how is it that Tapas is new??? I don't get it.

4 stars
by Lynne

I picked up this magazine when I was holidaying in Perth. I love going to cafes so this made my life so easy. My friend is over there now so I gave her my copy. Hope she gets as much out of it as me...

5 stars
by Skyla

Great magazine. Good to get an idea on Cafes and Restaurants but what I really like is the info on things like Coffee and Beer.