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How To Write Your Stock Trading & Investing Plan

How To Write Your Stock Trading & Investing Plan cover

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From the publisher

"..Jim Berg, John Atkinson and Tim Wilcox have done a masterful job of summarising the most important facets of trading plans:
1. Assessment of your strengths
2. Details of your share trading & investing methods
3. Your overall goals
4. And your methods of risk management
........This ebook is a wonderful start to your performance adventure..."
(Foreword by Dr Brett Steenbarger, author of 'The Psychology of Trading' )

“Traders with a plan have the ability to monitor their performance. They can evaluate their progress continually, day-by-day, in a way that is objective and comprehensive. This enables them to trade without emotion and with minimal stress. The trader without a Plan is not able to do this and their trading tends to rely upon gut feeling, hunches and tips etc. Trading for them is a nail biting, emotional roller coaster ride of stress that, inevitably, results in financial loss…
….. Emotional issues will become very powerful when real money is on the line and, as likely as not, force you into making irrational decisions. With the correct Trading Plan, your every action should be spelled out, so that in the heat of the moment you do not have to make any decisions, you just follow the trading plan rules“ Tim Wilcox.

Use this Template to create your own practical structured Trading Plan to help you:
1. Evaluate market conditions
2. Choose long term share investing and short term trading strategies
3. Select which stocks/shares to buy
4. Determine entry and exit conditions
5. Calculate Money and Risk Management
6. Use effective stop loss & profit taking strategies

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