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The world keeps turning, and more and more cafés keep popping up in WA. The price of coffee is still Read more

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The world keeps turning, and more and more cafés keep popping up in WA. The price of coffee is still a hot subject, but we have uncovered an even more ridiculous comparison in the price of babycinos, and even discovered that a couple of local Fremantle guys are likely to have invented them.

The Gourmet escape was yet again a highlight for me and I was lucky enough to spend some time with Heston Blumenthal – but due to time deadlines you will need to read about that in our next issue.

Speaking of Heston, he very nearly became shark dinner, as it was said that he was surfing on the same beach as Chris Boyd only minutes before he was taken by a great white.

We talk about food shortages in this issue, and how we are now using off-cuts and some places are even eating insects. So if they do cull great whites would they end up on our plate and what would they taste like?

We all know coffee is massive. When I was younger it was instant coffee and then percolated coffee and then espresso machines. Now we are seeing drip coffee and pod machines. So how many ways are there to make coffee?

Who does not love beer? Beer week was huge in 2013. A new festival in Fremantle, a heap of events and even awards. See what beer you voted as your fave on our letters page.

Do you have the same problem as me with fry pans? It does not seem to matter how much I spend – they all end up dying. We did some research as to why and it all seems to be in the prep.

Spanish chef Miguel Maestre seems to be loved by all the nannas out there. I had a chat with him and now see why he is so loved.

And who can forget the chaos in Fremantle when the Dockers had a real crack at the finals.

All this and so much more.

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