Magstrology: 3 magazines that suit a typical Cancerian

Cancerians can be one of the hardest of all star signs to get to know...

Being deeply sentimental and intuitive Cancerians can be one of the hardest of all zodiac's to get to know, reading New Philosopher will bring out their opinions and start to get this star signs tongue wagging after reading thought provo king articles about the art of philosophy.



Often being referred to as a hermit crab this star sign loves to hide it's sensitive Interior from view, 4wd Camping Guide will tend to the typical Cancerian trait of withdrawing from the world back into the safety of their self-made home or in this case tent!





Although this crab has a hard shell exterior, underneath this star sign is actually a bit of a softy and can easily get hurt due to their overly sensitive nature. Colouring Life magazine is perfect to calm the Cancerian mind and relieve stress from consistent mood swings.


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