Eat, drink and be merry.. Food that is good for your body and soul

Nourish sees wellness as a holistic integration in our lives rather than just a fad add-on. It’s the conscious foodie’s magazine, with an ethos of eat well, live well and be well.

Nutritionists, food-bloggers and chefs from the clean eating sphere share their signature dishes as well as hacks and substitutions for keeping taste and ditching refined flours and sugars. It doesn’t seem like such a leap to up the plant-based produce in your main meals – salads, soups, buddha bowls and curries already lend themselves to that treatment but the real magic is how to enjoy carrot cakes, ice-cream and donuts and feel clean and about it.

There are lifestyle and health features but food and recipes are the real focus here. Pages and pages of clean and delicious food that you can add to your daily favourites. For a quick go-to, Nourish has a recipe index up front which has been divided into Cakes and Baking, Chilled and Raw and Savoury, with further indications for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

This monthly mag is for those who want a more mindful approach to their munching and are looking for more insight about what goes into their bodies. Detox, fermentation and rejuvenation and may be on the menu but not purely for the sake of an A-list trend. Magfactor of a gutful of good bacteria for inspiring us to clean up our act.



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