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MAG REVIEW: Australian Traveller

Wake up Australia! Time to discover local destinations


Most of us haven’t seen much of our own backyard. Europe – check. Asia- check. But Australia, there’s way too much of it we haven’t seen. A flick through Australian Traveller will confirm that we’re all missing out. If you want walking tours or walking treks, wildlife or wild nights, do-it-yourself camping trips or all-been-taken-care-of resort stays, there are options for everyone.

While International Traveller might be the stuff dreams are made of, Australian Traveller, their sister publication, offers us the same time zone which is much more do-able destination-wise.


Each quarterly issue of Australian Traveller is divided into features, getaways, weekends and culture. In between destinations there are short pieces on history, advice (cooking for camping, holidays with teens, the art of perfect packing), what’s on around the country and what’s new in travel.

Staycationers take note – there’s still something you didn’t know about your own town. The perfect park or a little-known laneway, it’s always interesting to see your city through fresh eyes when some new part of it is featured in city spotlights or foodie favourites.

Those with a penchant for sweeping coastal vistas either of the rugged or tropical type, you won’t be disappointed. Those after outback oases and ancient natural wonders, those looking for wine country or the high country, you’ll all find what you’re looking for. How lucky are we living in Australia, to have all of these wonders in our own backyard?

Magfactor of a lovingly creased map for all the possible road trips.

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