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MiNDFOOD Turns 9

We talk to Editor-in-Chief, Michael McHugh about his proudest moments, his plans for the magazine and how he likes to unwind.

1. It's the 9th anniversary of MiNDFOOD! A tremendous achievement, with the magazine continuing to grow its audience. What do you think have been the keys to your successes so far?

I think there was a gap in the marketplace for a magazine led brand that was about smart thinking across a range of different subject matter. Also, that from day one we offered different media platforms to access content meant readers understood very quickly how the integration of MiNDFOOD worked. 

2. In a nutshell, what can a reader expect from MiNDFOOD?

Knowledge. If we can make people think and stretch their minds, not necessarily agree with what we are saying, but at least start thinking and perhaps start a conversation, or help them along in their lives, then I think what we have created is doing its job.

3. Your cover stars are the most admired and respected women around the world. Who would you love to feature on the cover you haven't yet?

I would love to run just smart everyday people that don't have agents or PR firms representing them. But I’m not brave enough to try it.

4. If you were to tailor the ultimate MiNDFOOD journey, what would it entail?

A journey where you eat healthy food, be introduced to other cultures, catch up on sleep and exercise, and stretch your mind to new possibilities. A journey were having the time to be considered in thought and actions.

5. What are your plans for the magazine, what can we look forward to this year?

We have two brand extensions MiNDFOOD STYLE, and MiNDFOOD DÉCOR in the New Zealand market that have done very well for us, so I do have a couple of other extensions I would like to develop, that and MiNDFOOD SHOP. We trialed a couple of things last year and were blown away with how receptive the readers were in buying curated product from MiNDFOOD.COM.

6. What's the best part about being the editor for MiNDFOOD?

The range of people and experiences you get to meet and be involved with everyday, and the creativity and team you work along side.

7. Which sections of the magazine do you have the most fun putting together?

I love our My Story and Community features, although I often end up crying after reading them. I feel that responsibility in telling their stories that we do it well and when interviewing some of the people we write stories about, it can be quite heart wrenching, even life changing. The children in the Pacific with cancer I wrote last year when I travelled to Tonga sat with me for a long time, as I guess it should do. But those kind of stories make me want to be a better editor. I do love choosing the World Watch images as that is the last thing before the magazines go to the printer. Brainstorming the food ideas and fashion locations and ideas for photography is also pretty cool.

8. What's your favourite way to relax, how do you like to unwind?

I think my family will tell you that I never relax. However, I do love a walk that shifts my mind and makes me see different things. I also just love being with my family as they make me laugh and I’m proud of them. I have recently learnt the art of slowing the mind and body and how to breathe properly, it’s amazing how that instantly changes the pace and I feel relaxed.

9. What can you expect from MiNDFOOD magazine each month that you can't get elsewhere?

I think we have a wide range of stories, and I think there is always something interesting to read and learn about, that perhaps you didn't know before you picked up the edition.

10. Why should we subscribe to MiNDFOOD magazine?

Its great value for money, it's a magazine that you can keep coming back to across a month as there is so much great content and its material that will make you think.


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