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Ranger Nick's Curry Spice & Recipe Kit 2 Flavours subscription

Ranger Nick's Curry Spice & Recipe Kit 2 Flavours cover
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Discover, cook and share the tastiest curries you'll ever prepare every month. Buzzing Taste Buds Guaranteed!

Aussie Bush Cook Ranger Nick has perfected and simplified the cooking methods, whilst preserving the authentic and rich flavour sensations of Indian cuisine with the help of his spice and recipe kits.

Receive Ranger Nick’s specially designed gourmet Curry Spice and Recipe Kits each month together with ridiculously easy cooking instructions and you'll be the "Guru" of preparing the tastiest Indian Curries, without even thinking about it.

The Curry Kits offer a rich flavour sensation with a combination of various spices, carefully blended by Ranger Nick to ensure the seasoning is not over powering. The selection of flavours is generally mild and fragrant to create delicious, unique meals suitable for the majority of your family and friends. Plus, you are able to adjust the heat of the curry to your own preference by choosing a hotter variety of chillies.

If you are an Indian Food Lover, you will appreciate the rich and creamy flavours of some classical and unusual dishes.

Ranger Nick inspires anyone to take up home cooking of his favourite Indian curries. No jars, no sauces, just fresh ingredients to please your palate.

A monthly subscription takes the hassle out of choosing and ordering and you may cancel anytime.

NOTE: The spice and nut mixes are free from preservatives, additives and fillers. It's all about fresh and healthy produce to keep your immune system strong and the taste - delicious!

What's included in your Curry Spice and Recipe Kit - 2 Flavours?

* Easy to follow recipe and cooking instructions

* Link to "How to" video

* Authentic and carefully blended pre-mixed Indian spices

* Portioned out to create an outstanding meal for 4 people

* List of fresh produce, no exotic ingredients required

* Preservative free spice and nut blends, no grinding required

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