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Who's Protecting the Protectors?

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In his stirring new book, Who's Protecting the Protectors? retired Australian Federal Police Commander Grant Edwards pulls back the curtain on the urgent and often neglected issue of mental health within the law enforcement community. A stark and powerful exploration of a hidden crisis, Edwards challenges the status quo, asking us to question — while we offer physical protection to our law enforcement officers, are we doing enough to shield their minds?
This book delves into the silent battle faced by those who stand on the front lines of society. Edwards eloquently unveils the significant yet under-addressed issue of mental health stigma within law enforcement, shining a light on an area demanding serious attention.
Who's Protecting the Protectors? is more than an exposé. It’s a road map offering practical solutions to establish a sustainable mental health program that could truly benefit law enforcement officers. Edwards emphasises the profound influence of leadership traits in law enforcement, exploring how positive attributes can uplift an organisation and its community, while negative ones can be damaging and far-reaching.
The need for change is not exclusive to Australia, or even to law enforcement. Across the globe, there is a growing recognition of the importance of mental health across all professions. This shift in understanding is leading to radical changes in the way we acknowledge and address these issues.
The time to act is now. Read Who's Protecting the Protectors? and join Edwards in advocating for the urgent necessity to recognise and support the mental health of those we entrust with our safety. This isn't just about protecting our protectors. It's about shaping a healthier, more compassionate world for all.

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