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About Atkinson-Guppy Articles: "As featured in Daryl Guppy's newsletter, previously voted the no 1 trading newsletter in Australia." Looking for share trading & investing strategies used by some of the world's best trader authors? Importantly, when to sell your stocks & shares to control your losses & successfully make money in the market? Having come through the school of very hard knocks by losing his Sydney waterfront home in the tech stock crash of 2000, author John Atkinson now aims to show traders and investors the potential pitfalls of the stock & share markets while also providing profitable trading strategies and the tools for applying money & risk management. The Atkinson-Guppy Articles is an ebook collection of easy to read articles John Atkinson has written for Daryl Guppy's newsletter 'Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis', previously voted number 1 in Australia by Shares magazine. 28/3/05: "...Chapter 14 on 'Exit Strategies' has to be the best collection of options available to us at the moment. It is the first time I have seen so much useful information on a topic that interests all of us. It really is a must read for anyone who wants more information about exits and is more important now than it has been as the market looks like it is going sour." K D Roth, Financial Accountant. The ebook will be sent to you electronically SPECIAL BONUS OFFER: Order Now for your $10 Discount-- and receive Jim Berg's FREE AUDIO '3 Steps to Successful Investing' & Jim Berg’s FREE MYTH Report Plus '6 TRADING SECRETS - How to Outperform the Experts' - An $88 TOTAL FREE BONUS All prices include postage and handling.

Atkinson-Guppy Articles is a single issue. Please allow up to two to four weeks for your first delivery.



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