THE EDITORS' Top Gift Ideas for the Creative Soul

What do you give someone who has that natural flair and will probably give you something utterly unique and thoughtful this Christmas? The Eye asked the editors of Country Style, Collective Hub, frankie and ABC Gardening Magazine what they deemed the ideal gift for the creative one in your life…

1. Country Style Editor-in-Chief Victoria Carey suggests a gorgeous bag for your nearest and ‘deer’est. “An 1803 deerskin leather bag that has been handcrafted from a farm in Orange makes a fabulous and stylish gift. There are only a handful of people left in the country with the skills to produce something of this calibre, which is why Penny Hansen had to call on three expert craftsmen from remote parts of Australia to create it. 

2. Collective Hub Editor-in-Chief Lisa Messenger has a batty idea… “I absolutely love going to the beach, lazing in the sunshine, having the salty wind on my face and that incredible feeling of freedom when I first go under the waves. But, what I’m even more passionate about is being intentionally playful in my life and that is why I love this bat and ball set from Sunny Life (or any brand for that matter - Oroton make a rather swish version). The best creatives embrace their inner child, find new ideas in the everyday and laugh often. Count me in!”

3. frankie Editor Sophie Kalagas says shop local for a delightful and versatile gift. “Native wild flowers are having a bit of a moment in the sun, and this new silk scarf from Adelaide maker Julie White is one of my favourite floral products going around. It would make a sweet headscarf, shawl, or even decoration for the wall – plus, it’s merry and bright, making it an ideal gift at Christmas time. With so many wonderful creatives in Australia, showing them support by shopping locally is always an excellent choice.”

4. ABC Gardening Australia Editor Jenny Baldwin goes native with a fantastically festive tree (and an ABC Gardening subscription!). “What’s a great gift to put under the tree for a gardener? We love tools and gloves and pots and flowers, but this year, I’ve got my eye trained squarely on the tree itself, because if you want to add an Aussie flourish to festivities, you can’t go past a proper native Christmas tree.

“There are several native species that look brilliant in a colourful pot, and which are soft and inviting to the touch, yet strong enough to take a few baubles. My favourite is the baby woolly bush, or Adenanthos sericeus. Our December issue features more great native Christmas tree ideas, as well as a whole section on water, excellent things to grow and eat, and a vet’s advice on taking your four-legged friends along for the summer holidays.

With such creative and interesting suggestions as these, a subscription to any of these magazines sounds like a royal treat.

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