Homes and Gardens...who doesn't revel in them! These top 5 mags are the bees knees for H&G inspiration, expert advice and real-life examples, but which do you need...or want to curl up with most??






Better Homes & Gardens


It’s Australia’s best selling, best loved home and garden magazine, paired with a television show, a mecca for all things foodie and DIY to help make your life the best it can be. At Better Homes the focus is firmly on you, the reader. It’s jam-packed with easy-to-make recipes, fantastic renovation ideas and practical step-by-step guides. Informative, friendly and inspiring, this magazine just wants to give you a happier life. That’s all. One for the homemaker.







Country Style


Elegant, luminous photography is the signature of this beautiful lifestyle magazine. It’s a celebration of Australian country life at its most idyllic. Think flower gardens, cooking with home-grown produce, wide verandas scattered with wicker chairs and daybeds, lunch on the lawn, carefully restored vintage tables, collectable textiles, and more. This mag is filled with good stories about real people, too, on their farms, in their lovely ramshackle homes and creative studios. For the one who dreams of a city escape.












ABC Organic Gardener


The title says it all – if your man likes to drive, if he likes to 4WD, if he has a dream about one day going 4 wheel driving, this is the mag for him. It’s a celebration of off road, out back, getting down and dirty and away from it all. It’s chock full of comprehensive articles on vehicles and equipment, getting the most out of your gear. There’s loads of expert advice on things like modifying 4WDs, the hidden costs of upgrading, simple tricks to a smooth running engine and heaps more. It’s a hands-on, how-to, practical magazine, with informative articles set out in step-by-step form. There’s also lots of info on camping gear, a kid’s corner section, and adrenaline-fuelled adventure stories. There’s a wish-list appeal to this magazine too – travel tales, action photography, sleeping under the stars.






Australian Home Beautiful


Here’s an iconic magazine that straddles the divide between aspiration and daily life. HB offers pages of fabulous decorating and renovating ideas as well as the practical tips and shopping guides to make it happen. Expect articles on what’s new for kitchen and bathrooms, the latest design trends and products, or how to create the perfect lunch for friends. It’s like a fashion magazine for your home and family, inspiring you to curate a beautiful space that works with your lifestyle. One for the stylish entertainer and home decorator.












ABC Gardening Australia


What’s not to love about this Australian classic? Linked to the television show of the same name, here’s where you’ll find ideas, inspiration and knowledgeable advice from experts in the field. There are seasonal guides, how-to guides (how to plant vegetables, how to edge a garden bed or clip topiary, how to grow herbs or combat weeds), as well as calendar dates to note and recipes from the kitchen garden. Everything you need to know, in fact, about Australian gardens and gardening. For the green thumb.
















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