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NEW MAG: Breathe Magazine

Meet Breathe, the new mag set to turn your world blissfully inside out.

We interviewed publisher, Rachael Northey, to get the inside word on Breathe and how it will help you find a happier, healthier and more mindful you - enjoy!

1. Can you describe Breathe magazine? Who is it for and what is its mission?

Anaïs Nin famously wrote, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”.

In my early teenage years, my parents sent me to a week-long holiday camp, aimed at teaching young adults how to (what would these days be called) live more intentionally. With four children, no doubt my parents’ motivation was the joy of a child-free week. However, the experience had a profound effect on me. Two gems of wisdom in particular have been with me ever since: one is the quote from Anaïs Nin; the other was the realisation that it is virtually impossible to feel miserable or exhausted with your shoulders back, your eyes high, and a deep breath filling your lungs. (Why not try it right now? It’s really amazing how it instantly lifts your mood.)

Of course, the demands of our modern, fast-paced lives, means that we often forget to use these sorts of simple but effective tools. Women in particular tend to put their own needs last, instead using all of their spare time to nurture others. We want Breathe to change that. Brimming with enchanting illustrations and thoughtful content, Breathe is a call to women to make more time for themselves. In a world shouting that we need to buy more, want more, be more, Breathe is about remembering to live mindfully and creatively, and it delivers practical advice and activities to help you do this.

What will Breathe look and feel like?

Breathe is a beautifully crafted magazine with an emphasis on quality. Its engagingly illustrated cover and premium matte paper make it perfect for the coffee table. Besides thought-provoking articles you’ll find speciality pull-out art & craft paper with step by step instructions for unleashing creativity. Gentle pastels and rich jewel-tones, vintage photos and whimsical flowers lead you through the pages. At Lovatts Media, one of our core beliefs about magazines is that they shouldn’t be heavily diluted with ads. If you’ve seen the trending social media video that demonstrates how few pages are left in a traditional magazine once you tear out all the ad pages, then you will understand what we mean. We are committed to Breathe being a magazine filled with content worth paying for.

There are five sections of Breathe magazine - Wellbeing, Living, Mindfulness, Creativity and Escaping. They all sound wonderfully alluring. Can you give us an example or two of the kind of articles and features we might encounter?

We like to call Breathe a body-and-soul guide to a happier, healthier life. Our Wellbeing chapter will focus on positive ways to improve your mental and physical health. Some of the features in our first issue provide simple but powerful ways to embrace forgiveness; how to guarantee a good night’s sleep; and natural toxin filters for your home. (We also talk about yoga a bit – we really like yoga!) Our Living chapter is all about helping you to connect with your home, your community, your people and yourself. It will give tips for home projects to create order and calm; healthful recipes to nourish the body and soul; and rediscover the lost arts of living in slower times. Our Mindfulness chapter provides insights and techniques to bring calm and clarity to our daily lives. In Breathe Issue 1, we include a mindful body scan exercise to create a healthy relationship with your body; and discuss gratitude – how to express it, and the life benefits of keeping a gratitude journal. Our Creativity chapter allows you to unleash your inner artist with happiness projects and templates for craft, colour, and origami. Our simple but beautiful creative therapy ideas even include some materials so you can get started as soon as the mood strikes. Our Escape chapter features tales of adventure, and recommends places to explore, both in the wider world, and in your own neighbourhood.

What do you think readers are going to love most about Breathe magazine?

Readers will love that Breathe offers an idea, then supports that idea with practical, interactive advice. I think readers will also love Breathe’s authenticity.  It is a strong reflection of the values of the people who create it. Every morning we arrive in our coastal office to work with a team of fantastic people, on magazines for readers who are passionate about what we do. There is real sense of pleasure for us in doing that, and I believe that shines through in our magazines.

In launching Breathe magazine in Australia, you must believe there is a great opportunity for this title here. Why now for Breathe magazine and what will make it distinctive in the Australian market?

When the mindfulness movement took Australia and New Zealand by storm with adult colouring and craft, few expected this would be part of an enduring desire to live more mindfully. However, compelling, scientific evidence is mounting.  In this time where the world is more intense than ever and stress levels are on the rise, many people have forgotten how to unplug, be still, and meaningfully connect beyond the fleeting validation of a social media ‘like’. They want to learn how to switch from ‘doing’ to ‘being’, and to have the courage to monotask and enjoy the ‘now’, rather than racing toward the finish line. Our vision for Breathe is that it will become a guide for people who are on this journey of learning. Our features will focus on how to achieve relief from stress, greater happiness, increased resilience, and enhanced overall wellbeing.

It must be so exciting to launch a new magazine, are you finding some people are surprised too?!

It really is exciting! As Australia and New Zealand’s largest publisher of puzzle magazines for almost 40 years, the Lovatts name has become synonymous with crosswords. So, I have found that people are both surprised and delighted to hear we are doing something new. We are known for our commitment to excellence in our products and our strong relationship with our readers, so there is excitement to see how these values translate to a beautiful magazine like Breathe.

And finally?

For those who do feel drawn to subscribe to Breathe, I would love to hear what you think of the magazine once you receive it. If you’d like to share your thoughts, or perhaps your stories of how you have used the advice to make small but important adjustments in your life, please write to me at

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