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Father’s Day. A day all about him and his hobbies, interests and obsessions! Here’s our top five magazines that Dads love.


If he’s into golf, this is the best gift. Australian Golf Digest is the number one golf magazine in the country and it’s chock-a-block with all the things a golfing guy needs to know. Gear and equipment are showcased comprehensively in this mag, as are courses and clubs, golf adventures, golfing destinations, competitions, experts, personalities and more. There are cool articles on such things as NZ’s top 40 golf courses, how to choose the perfect wedge or putter, golf and wine holidays, celebrity tips from the pros and heaps more. Glossy photography, slick design and excellent articles make this mag a winning inspo/info combination. If he loves golf, he’ll love a subscription to this one. Recommended.



Here’s another number one – Men’s Health is THE top selling men’s magazine in Australia. Readers love it for the smart irreverent tone, range of issues covered and real practical advice. This is where blokes come to have their questions answered. How to give her a back massage, for instance. (Frankly, top points for that article, everyone benefits!) How to get fit, trim down and build muscle. How to manage stress. Ask for a raise. Earn more. Live longer. Sleep better. This is real world, real life stuff that real men are interested in. It’s a fantastic magazine with just the right dose of clever cheekiness and humour. It’s like having a beer with a mate (or your brother) and swapping advice and stories. Oh, and expect the odd random article on sex robots or something. A magazine for every bloke, from young dads to mid-career men keen for a makeover.



Fashionable Dad? Sophisticated Dad? A Dad who loves to read high quality journalism, personal profiles and in-depth articles? Go no further than GQ for a quarterly dose of fashion, celebrity, travel, design, culture and style. This is one cool magazine, guaranteed to give him the heads up on what’s new, what’s happening, what’s in and what’s out. Trends – you’ll read them here first. Gadgets? Clothes? This mag has him covered. There’s depth to GQ – plenty of properly researched stories on politics, film, architecture etc appear within these glossy pages. Lush photography and readable copy guaranteed, with a strong celebrity element. Gift him a subscription, then steal.



Here’s one for the man from the land, the country guy, the rural dad, the man who loves wide open spaces and the goodness regional Australia has to offer. This mag offers a beautifully photographed, well-written homage to all things outback, out bush, and out-of-the-city. Expect excellent personal profiles, in-depth articles on rural personalities, slice-of-life stories and more. It’s inspiring to read about stations near the remote Birdsville Track or about contemporary indigenous art practice in the Kimberley or about paddock-to-plate enterprises or rural tourism. Evocative images and a warm heart characterise this terrific Aussie magazine.



Ok, camping Dads, 4WDriving Dads, Dads with utes and Sat phones, Dads who don’t mind setting up a tent or fording a river or driving for miles along a beach. OK action Dads, this is one real mag for you! Expect practical advice – how to chose the best vehicle and how to modify and customise it, where to find the good camping spots, how to chose gear. There loads of specific regional travel guides and first person stories, travelling up to Cape York for instance, or over to Coffin Bay National Park or WA’s pristine Fitzgerald Coast. There are articles on UHFs, camp lighting, long range fuel tanks, transmission coolers …. This mag is packed full of practical ideas, tips, advice and knowledge for the adventuresome Dad.



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