Your dad will be trading his way to the top of his game with these titles in his briefcase.

Bloomsberg Businessweek

Since 1929, Bloomberg Businessweek has been the go-to mag for businessmen, stock brokers, students and everyone in between – and nearly nine decades later, it’s still going strong. Founded by Michael Bloomberg, who went on to be the 108th Mayor of New York City, this iconic publication covers economic news from across the globe, with industry leaders and financial experts contributing highly respected opinions and helpful advice. Shop now


Renowned and respected across the world, TIME has its finger firmly on the international pulse. From current affairs, to politics, news and more, TIME has produced some of the most iconic covers in the publishing industry since its inception in 1923. Shop now

The Spectator

All the serious stuff, but with a sartorial edge. Eschewing stuffy political correctness for witty features and insightful political analysis, The Spectator Australia claims to be “fabulously fearless and exhilaratingly honest” – a great gift for any no-nonsense patriarch who loves to cut straight to the chase. Shop now

The Economist

Firmly keeping an eye on all manner of market fluctuations and economical intrigue, The Economist is packed with stats, facts and non-economic damage caps. Every month, this magazine delivers thought-provoking editorial, insightful articles and up-to-the-minute industry news. Shop now

Australian Property Investor

With decades of experience in the world of property, Australian Property Investor is the must-have mag for homeowners, investors and industry professionals looking for expert advice and aspirational stories of investors who are succeeding in today’s fluctuating markets. If your pa dreams of development, make sure you make room in his life for an API subscription. Shop now


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