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Little Angel is the ideal mag for little girls aged 5-10 who love to read and get involved with cool activities and fun. Every issue is brimming with entertainment and star news, the latest updates in TV shows, movies, books, toys and music - plus you’ll find fun facts and awesome pictures to cut out and pin up, interviews with celebrities, creative recipes and activities, quizzes and competitions. Kids can also get busy by sending in their own artwork, pet pics, stories and embarrassing ‘blush moments’, with the chance to win lots of awesome mystery prizes and giveaways. There’s so much to do and it’s all in one magazine.

From the publisher

The coolest mag around for young girls! Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments. Plus the mag is packed with inspiring advice, wacky facts, pet care tips, movie and gaming goss, so-fun quizzes and brain-busting puzzles.

Aimed at girls aged 5-10 who love reading magazines but are too young for the tween publications, Little Angel is a safe, educational and inspiring space for young girls to play. It’s entertainment to the max, and most importantly it’s all about enjoying being a kid!

Suitable for girls aged 5-10 years.


by Melanie
My 5 year old daughter loves this magazine. Great surprise in the letterbox each month with the free delivery!
by Kobi
My 8 year old daughter & I both LOVE this mag! She loves all the animal facts, music & funny stories. I love it because it's full of great articles that are age appropriate!
by Jaedin
LA is awesome! Im so lucky mum got me a subscription.
by Aditi
i wish i had one of those magzines they would put a smile on my face they defentily would
by Georgia
I love Littleangel so much omg I read it like all the time omg I love it so much I like read it when it's school time and when I'm in class I read it I don't care if I got or get into trouble I just love it so much omg.:)
by Georgia
i love this magazine so much it's like such my fave magazine :)
by mariam
i love this magazine love love love love
by Trinh
i love reading little angellllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Trinh
You better read all the little angel magazines there all great!!!
by taylor
by jas
I like it
by Amanda
IT IS TOTALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jade
this is the best thing in da world!!!!
by Danielle
what are you talking about people raise those hands off yours its the best mag ever
by mchayela
My friend came over and brought a little angel mag. She left it so I read it. I LOVE IT
by sammy
i love this sooo... cool mag LOL it is G...R...E...A...T!
by shana-lea
iilove little angel
by kahlia
Little magazine is fantastic, it has alot of interesting articles in it and i love to all the puzzles in the book. I also love to enter all the competitions that are featured in the magazine. I buy the magazine every month and my mother even loves to read it.
by Georgina
i LOVE litte angel!!! it is soooo cool!!!!!!!!!
by Michelle
LIttle Angel is so cool!
by rachel
i love little angel
by sophie
so cool
by Hannah
Little angel your mag ROX my world everyday
by Chloe
I think Little Angel magazine is awesome!
by shana
i love ur mag
by nafira
I just found out i won a comp. Awesome As!!! I think Price NEEDS to go lower as well
by gracie
this book is fantastic. when i read it i feel like im in my own litttle world! i hope this book keeps on continuing. i love little angel. it is the best! i'm lookin foward to the next issue! lol!!
by Rachel
My age is 14, I love this mag its so cool!!! But I think the cost should go down!!! and also my friend won a prize before and she sometimes cant afford the when she won something her picture was in the mag but she was too late to get the mag!!! so i dont really know how to stop that but if you have any ideas please post it here!!!
by Rachel
My age is 14, I love this mag its so cool!!!
by rima
hi my name is rima im turning 7 in may this is the first time i bye this magazine and its awesome it has so much fun stuff to do and read i think ill be byeing lots more magazines but i woukd like more posters your 1 and best fan
by georgia
this is the best magazine in the world I love it
by zahraa
i love this mag
by Nina
I think the magazine price should be under $5.50 and that it should be as thick as the adult magazines.
by tayla
i think the price needs to go down
by Olivia
by angellica
i think it rox
by Chloe
I think it needs to be a bit cheaper to! like 3.50 or something - and u need to put more Emma roberts posters, michelle trachtenberg, ice skating and ANNASOPHIA ROBB!!!!!!!! if u do that then its the best mag EVER!!!!!!!
by Emma
Little Angel is awesome!!!!!!!! But there are heaps of spelling errors and unfinished sentences I have noticed. Also too dear. Maybe $3.50 would be better
by violet
by Jasmine
This mag is so cool !
by Genevieve
The best mag
by Alesha
Can you please make the Magazine $2.00 not $5.95 because i'm not aloud them and they are amazing
by leanne
i think little angel is the best mag ever!
by Rachel
cool stuff
by erin
it rocks nsw yer man i love little angel mags
by rachael
by Chloe
I love LA. I have the posters in my room. I nag my dad for it.
by Olivia
hi little angel is the totaly most coolest magazine in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Hannah
BINDI IRWIN ROCKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK BINDI the jungle girl!!!!?
by annelise
This is the first magazine Mum has let me buy and I love it so now she is going to subscribe to it. It has lots of great activities and comps for weekends to keep me busy.
by mandy
hi i really love your mag its the best mag its so fun i hope u put more hannah montana
by samantha
by Carly
I luv lil angel! Cool mag! lol
by Madison
I am obsessed with LA! :)
by maegan
harry potter rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Emma
LA rocks!!
by mad
this is the best mag ever rock on
by jessie
i luv ur mag but you should have way more harry potter stuff im a big fan but apart from that you guys rock i mean totaly
by Jess
I luv the mag but i think it should have lots more Harry Potter or aka, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint!
by anonymous
by Tayla
i love your mag it is the best keep up the good work and i nearly have every mag
by layla
by anna
your mag rox my jocks
by ferlicity.k.w
i love this mag so much. it has evry thing
by lea
ur mag rox da world
by rikki
i luuuuuuuuuuuv little angle i ve got like EVERY issue so far keep up the good work sweet honeys bye!
by Sarah
Little angel is just so great to read and you will never fall asleep before reading every page
by Annabel
Little Angel is for the hot girls not geeks
by Nasya
I luv Little Angel!!!!...........
by Aimee
i love little angel! ITs so cool for us young gils.
by lora
this was really cool cos it has got alot of girly stuff and i am a girly girl
by Rebecca
Little Angel is the total best. I love Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tidsdale
I love your mag its the best
by Lauren
Little angel is the best it gets better each month!ps. I am Ashley Timsdale number #1 fan.
by Jessie
Little Angel is the best mag around i love all the posters and comps even though i never win any. I just can never find the website...Oh well i still give it 5/5
by jade
I love it it rocks and gets better every month you go baby P.S im hilarys biggest fan
by Madeleine
I LOOOOVE little angel it it ROX keep up the good work P.S I love the veronicas
by annais
i really like little angel because it Rock! i wanted to a lot more of hilary duff,jojo, sara paxton and zac efron poster ppppppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssss thank you.
by Tamika
by jade
by jessica
little angel is awesome
by Olivia
Hi! my name is Olivia and i'm 7. I think Little Angel is so cool cause it has everything in it a girl my age loves to read. My cousin Clarelives in Tasmania and I live in Queensland and when a new little angel mag. arrives we call one another and chat about what is in it.
by april
I Love Little Angel cause it knows all da cool goss on Beyonc'e Jo Jo and Nelly F
by chelsea
i luvv this mag 4 evah baby!
by Emelia
Its great!But is a bit too much like total girl! Sorry but its true!
by keeley
I am 11 and love little angel. Whenever i get an issue my sister allways askes me to read her kit n kat, she loves little angel almost as much as me. see ya keeley xxxooo
by delta
more posters of delta and the Veronicas
by Hayley
Hi i`m hayley and i am 10 years old. Little Angel is a good mag because the posters are really cool and they have all the goss you want to now. But can you please have more poters of the Veronicas!!!!
by Nives
i think it is the best mag in the whole world because of the facts and the Quizs and puzzles and best of all the compertition
by Nives
i think it is the est mag in the whole world because of the facts and the Quizs and puzzles and best ofall the compertition
by Tamika
Hi my name is Tamika and i am 9 years old and i love little angel. i love little because it has cool comps ,funky posters,hot goss and cool quizes.Bye for now.
by Helen
Hi im only 8 and almost 9 & I think your mag rocks! I live in WA in a small town called Hopetoun. I also love the win pages. me & my friends entert a chance to win bratz things! I still wonder who won. I don't normally get your magazine but I cant wait untill I get the next one! From Helen
by Brooke
Hey Im Brooke I reckon Little Angel is way way way better then togal and girl power I use to read them but LittleAngel RULES cya Later xox Brookie
by maylea
I'm 9 years old, and I still love Little Angel. It tells you heaps of gossip and is lots of fun. I love the posters and quizes and the gifts you get with each mag. I always can't wait for the next issue to come out! It's the best mag!! from maylea
by Cathy
this is prety kler
by Ebony
I love reading Little Angle mags they are the best in the world. I really love this months mini Bratz books, i write all my secrets in there and I have lots
by Molly
Little Angel is the best mag in the whole wide world. I get them very month and i think Kit'n'Kat is the best in the mag.Can you have more posters of Home and Away stars. Home and Away is the best tv show in the world. Luv Molly xoxo
by salz
more posters of everyone!!!! especially mk&a
by Craig
My mum says that I em a Lil Angel so that makes me wanna by Little Angle. I tried to get my pic in there but I'm still waiting to see it in ther. My fav part is Sebasitans letter, I ate my sea monkeys, they now live in my belly. luv Craig. PS, I luv your original puzzles, like no other kids mag on the planet.
by Hilary
Little Angel is a really cool magazine. Its heaps fun to read. My fave thing is the competitions and the really cool interviews with celebs. I love LIttle Angel becauyse I am a little angel
by Bianca
I use to read Total Girl and Girl Power magazine but I don't like them any more because its really really boring. Total Girl has yucky free gifts and Girl Power is ok but not as cool as Little Angel. I love Kit and Kat, the posters and all the really cool puzzles... Little Angle is the best by FAR!!!!!!!!Can you have more on Hilary Duff plzzzz
by Phil
Little Angel has THE BEST posters to put on the inside of my locker. Plus, the quizzes always make me feel good, such as being called a "Hilary Hero". I LOVE YOU LITTLE ANGEL!
by jasmine
by Abby
Little Angel ROX!!! I love all da awsom compeitions and all the really cool puzzles and prizes. The stories rock and the free gifts are the best by far. The best thing about Little Angle is that its different to all the other girl mags out there. I love it!! I wish it was bigger. Little Angel is da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and beats all da rest
by renata
I love reading Little Angel with my girls at last a magazine that celebrates being a girl we are delighted with it
by Bethany
OMG!!! How hot is the new issue of Little Angel!!! I luv it soooooooooooooooo much
by Annabel
I just love Little Angel magazine, it's the best mag in the world. 100 times better then all the other girl mags out there and full of awesome comps
by Sasha
love the freebies
by Anonymous
More posters of mary-kate and ashley olsen PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Anonymous
by Will
I love Little Angel mags so much. It's BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it cos they have cool posters of famous people
by Jaimie
Little Angel is packed full of interesting topics and competitions, any girl would love it!

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