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This handy guide shows you how to select the right gear and provides practical, step by step tips on how to improve your photos of landscapes, people, close-ups, wildlife and cities.
Travel Photography also provides advice on how to manage image files as you travel - the important facts on memory cards and storage devices - and tips on posting to the cloud and social networks while you're on the move.
Travel Photography teaches you how to let your photos tell the story; the best places and angles, and the right settings to capture the heart and soul of urban environments and community character.
*Chapter 1: Choosing the right equipment
* How to choose the cameras, lenses and other equipment that can make your trip a success.
*Chapter 2: Telling your story
* Tips on how to bring back pictures that tell the story of your trip.
*Chapter 3: Shooting in transit
* How to capture interesting pictures while you're on the move.
*Chapter 4: Photographing scenery
* Tips and tricks for the most interesting angles when photographing landscapes.
*Chapter 5: Shooting in Cities
* Choosing the best places and angles to record the heart and soul of urban environments.
*Chapter 6: People pictures
* Encounters with people are an important part of any trip; here are some tips for recording them.
*Chapter 7: Fireworks and light shows
* Equipment and techniques you will need to make the most of special events after dark.
*Chapter 8: Close-ups
* While often neglected, close-up shots can add interest and variety to any trip's portfolio.
*Chapter 9: Photographing wildlife
* How to obtain the best possible results when you’re photographing birds and animals in both natural and captive environments.
*Chapter 10: Managing images as you travel
* Get the facts on memory cards and storage devices and tips on posting images and movies to the cloud and social networks while you’re on the move.


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