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Style and substance – the essential style guide for today’s modern man from grooming, fashion and style to travel, entertainment and the hottest new trends. Read more

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Long considered to be the ultimate style guide for the modern man, GQ promises you a front row ticket to all the best things in life.

Every issue guarantees indepth interviews and features as well as a serious amount of information, advice and inspiration - from grooming, fashion and style to what’s on trend, hot new travel destinations, the latest toys and gadgets, entertainment and cultural news and events. Plus you’ll find fascinating stories and insider tips for understanding women – sex, relationships and everything in between.

Charisma, men of achievement, style, wit, wisdom and polish – you’ll find it all in GQ.

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GQ Australia is the essential guide for today's modern man - with lessons in individual style, grooming and fitness. Plus advice on how to have a successful career, travel like a gent, and be the most charming guy in the room. Live by GQ Australia: be sharper, smarter, better.

An annual subscription to GQ includes 6 bi-monthly issues plus one issue of Man of the Year and one issue of GQ Style Guide.

by dafne
Like my fellow reviewer here...i also am a stright female sick to death of the slim pickings offered to women with an I.Q. higher than 5 when it comes to magazines out there! The interviews are always soo interesting and yes the boys are HOT....its funny, though its a men's magazine...for me its like the female version of 'playboy' and yes...we also buy it for the articles! *wink*
by Jem
This is a great mag, and the only one I buy. For a straight female like me, who squirms at the trash in women's mags, it's got everything - interesting articles, and hot, hot guys in all the ads. Only thing I don't like is the cover. Keep it up, but don't let those covers get any smuttier or I'll have to tear them off!

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