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4.9 stars (7 reviews, 7 ratings)
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About Get Lost Travel Magazine: get lost Travel Magazine is Australia’s premier travel magazine with a suitcase full of inspiration.

We'll inspire you to take holidays that you'll remember forever! Our writers roam the globe seeking out the most exhilarating holiday ideas in some of the world’s most fascinating countries.

We show you where you can get away from it all, ditch the hoards, get engrossed by local cultures, and, most importantly, we inspire you to get lost and experience what the world has to offer. Whether it’s to get inspiration for an upcoming trip, to reminisce or to do some armchair travel, get lost will bring the world to your doorstep.

Get Lost Travel Magazine is a quarterly title. Please allow up to ten to twelve weeks for your first delivery.



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5 stars
by Susan

Whilst relaxing in the Qantas Club Lounge at Perth Airport, waiting for our flight to Adelaide I picked up a copy of Get Lost! magazine. I hadn't seen or heard of this magazine before, but was absolutely delighted to read its contents. I found it so interesting, I was hoping our flight might be delayed or was trying to find a way to "smuggle" the copy onto the airplane without being noticed! My partner and I are in our late 50s' - fit, healthy and full of enthusiasm. We love travelling and are always looking for something new and exciting to do. People often think that at our age we should be slowing down, but we and many people our age are more active now than ever before. So, those of you who think that offering ideas, specials, or whatever you have is "wasted on the old ones" please think again as we are currently "spending the kids inheritance" and enjoying life to the full.

4 stars
by Craig

The publishers of Get Lost! to their credit have always published real, gritty and colourful travel tales. In issue after issue the content is always closer to the earth with identifiable stories than the pretentious jet vapour trail-like stories that quickly pass and fade. Understanding the magazine's editoral direction, I instantly became a devotee.

5 stars
by Tracey

I first noticed "Get Lost" when I was purchasing a subscription for a friend's Birthday, went searching and found it in a Newsagency and didn't hesitate buying the latest issue. I can't seem to stop reading your great mag, it is my type of travel where you experience the people with the people. The Lao story brought back so many memories of my travels through Lao and what a untouched and easy place to travel in. I signed up immediately for a subscription and can't wait to start receiving them. I envy the reports what a job that would be. Congratulations on a fantastic Magazine.

5 stars
by Rachel

I totally rate Get Lost mag - I love it because it makes the destinations so accessible, unlike other mags which seem to be for the black amex and suitcase set. And thanks for the heads-up on the Solomon Islands in Issue #9 - you acknowledged the troubles there at the time, yet gave us balanced perspective on a beautiful location - I'm planning my trip now (PS - one of the TV travel shows covered the Solomon's months after you guys. Well done, Get Lost is clearly setting the pace). Keep up the good work

5 stars
by Cindy

HooWoo! Finally a travel magazine that inspires us to travel with it’s interesting stories and great pic’s. If you are trying to decide on your next holiday destination without all the pushy advertising – this is the mag for you! Just fun reading for armchair travel too, it’s always on my coffee table. Thanks keep it up

5 stars
by Mary

Just love your magazine. Picked up Issue 8 in the newsagency because the story about India appealed but enjoyed the whole mag. My husband and I are mid-50year olds who love to travel. Found the mag very appealing , the stories interesting and great photos. We have subscribed to the magazine so we don't miss future issues. (I have also rung and ordered all back issues.) I feel confident the magazine would appeal to all types of travellers and adventure seekers of all age groups.

5 stars
by Vicki

Finally a travel magazine that isn't full of advertorials and tourism board pics. This magazine really inspires me to travel and have fun. After all you aren't really travelling unless you get Lost in the country you're in.