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3.9 stars (15 reviews, 15 ratings)
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About Men's Health magazine: Men's Health is a magazine for men, real men. The type of man you shared a flat with. The blokes you play golf with. The type of guy you share your deepest secret with over a beer. It's a magazine about real blokes and the things that occupy a real guy's mind, groin, heart, body and soul.

It dispenses useful information about fitness, health, sex and nutrition with humour, a wink and, occasionally, a kick in butt. You see, blokes need something they can look at, point at, something that says this is what it's like to be a man. You know, like instructions, maybe. Something a guy can pick up and look at, learn from, live by.

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2 stars
by M

Health and fitness are different things, and this magazine seems to be focused moreso on fitness. And sex. Which is fine if that's what you're after. If you're after a men's health magazine, look elsewhere. But if you want tips on how to burn fat and beef up, this is for you.

3 stars
by R

Great to see a mag focussed on men's health

4 stars
by David

A Great Magazine to help keep you motivated month to month and up to date information

5 stars
by Rob

Great mag full of info that we can actually use.

3 stars
by Hwe

I am a female and have been reading the Men Health magazine for 2 years now. Although it is a good magazine, I find some improvements still can be done. Eg. less Sex articles (there are too many nowadays), more new and innovative types of weight, cardio, circuit, high intensity interval training with mixture of resistance and cardio, etc. The weight training fixtured in the mag are the same all the time and old fashion type eg. squat, bench press, etc. We need more variations as we are told to change our exercise routine every few weeks so our body can be challenged better. Keep up the good works. Thanks.

3 stars
by manjodh


3 stars
by TH


5 stars
by Anna

I read both Men's and Womens Health as they compliment each other, but the exercises in Men's Health are by far the best as they are more challenging and actually work to build tone and develop fitness, the Women's Health eversises are too weak!

5 stars
by AW

I'm a chick who loves this mag. Great workouts - none of that wussy stuff in chick mags. I had high expectations for Women's Health mag, but this is still better (non-applicable sex tips aside). Goof info with a great sense of humor!

5 stars
by Nick

This magazine is the sole reason I have managed to drop my weight from 110kg to 82kg and stay there for the last 4 years. The articles are outstanding and a never nding supply of motivation for me. Its very easy to read and the information is backed up by real reserch. I highly recomend this magazine to anyone wnating to change their lifestyle for the better.

5 stars
by Paul

Ive been reading this mag for ages now and cannot fault it!! Always interesting and informative. Mens Health has always kept me motivated and educated on all aspects of life. I owe you one!!

5 stars
by Steve

I actually have been folowing the 15 min work that was in the mag a coupleof month ago and it has been great!!

5 stars
by chris

i have been buying this great magazine now for 6 years and its changed my lifestyle for the better in every way. i say keep up the good work, oh yeah dave the barman is a legend, cheers.

2 stars
by Wazza

More about workouts and less of cleo crap that us blokes just don't wanna see

4 stars
by EJ

Fantastic magazine! Filled with heaps of information from fashion to health to everthing else. Not just your average men's magazine.