Top 5 Gift Ideas for Mum from Better Homes and Gardens Editor, Julia Zaetta

Stumped for ideas? Editor of Better Homes and Gardens, Julia Zaetta gives her top 5 gift ideas for Mum - she's got every budget covered!

1. More than $60...

A bit expensive but fabulous! A year’s delivery of fresh flowers every month. Imagine! Every four weeks the doorbell rings and the most glorious arrangement of flowers greets her as she opens the door, to keep her home abundant with charm. Because three things make a house a home: flowers for beauty, warmth for comfort and lamp lights for cosiness.

2. Under $50...

Flowers are gorgeous but if it’s an amazing hanging basket that cascades with beautiful blooms, it just keeps on giving in the most beautiful of ways and reminds Mum you love her.

3. Under $40... 

So a beautiful lamp is also a splendid gift. It’s for Mum to put somewhere she wants in a corner or space to feel completely welcoming and homey. And to gladden her spirits because that’s what a lovely lamplight does. And each time she turns it on, it also lights up her heart with your affection for her. Nice!

4. Under $30...

A truly lovely scarf. A generous bowl to take from oven to table to make her look like a chef extraordinaire. A delightful pair of pillowcases; (indeed an entire breathtaking linen set from an outlet store or online offer). A very small charm to add to the bracelet she always wears, her watch or the chain she puts around her neck so you are always with her. The most beautiful card you can imagine with a long note from you telling her what she means to you.

5. Safe bet? A subscription to Better Homes and Gardens of course!

However much you would like to spend, a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens for whatever time you want, because the people at Better Homes and Gardens always put the magazine together so it is a gift for the reader. And it’s full of ideas, inspiration and information so every issue Mum will find something to love that she will do, and which will change her life for the better every time. And what better gift than that could there be?

Happy Mother’s Day wonderful Mums!

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