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4.4 stars (14 reviews, 14 ratings)
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About Women's Health magazine: Women's Health is informative, fresh, smart and inspiring. It speaks to today's active women in a way that is passionate, authoritative and relevant to their lifestyles.

Women's Health motivates and educates women to take control of their physical and emotional selves, so that they can live the lives they imagine.

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4 stars

Awesome... so many great tips and keeps me motivated

2 stars
by Sarah

I enjoyed this magazine and the workouts for about a year then found that I had outgrown it. I also became increasingly annoyed at the high quantity of advertising and the focus on looking good (specifically fashion and swimwear) rather than being healthy and strong.

5 stars
by Carolena

I really love this magazine! It is full of easy to implement healthy ideas, recipes, apps and is a wonderful "feel good" read.

5 stars
by Loren

Excellent magazine, always something in there to help us on the healthy path

5 stars
by Jess

I've discovered many different products to use and different ways of exercising through this magazine. It really makes you live life to the max!

5 stars
by J

I've discovered many new workouts that I can do at the gym without having a personal trainer. I also enjoy reading all the latest on diet trends, and the recipes are divine.

4 stars
by Anna

WH complements the MH magazine, I enjoy both. I highlight important things for my husband to read, especially on the sex and how to treat pour wife respectfully bits.

4 stars
by AW

I enjoy Men's Health so was excited when this came out- but dissappointed to see this is still not as good as MH (still a bit soft on the workouts). Still, one of the best women's mags on the market- good mix of health, fitness and other useful stuff, without too much garbage on diet and gossip.

4 stars
by Julia

Got a subscription from my sister for christmas. very month I look forward to the new edition. Full of great exercies you can do to vary your routine and food advice and recipes. I totally love it!

3 stars
by Sophia

A good mix of health, fitness, funny and quirky tips and information and interviews.

5 stars
by Shivani

Finally a mag that isn't full of fashion and self absorbing crap... I enjoy fitness and health and this is always a good read

5 stars
by Jenny

Finally a magazine that looks after women of all ages without being full of advertising

5 stars
by Rhondda

Excellent Mag full of great advice & workouts

5 stars
by Katrina

I'm so happy they have decided to make this, if you love Men's Health you'll like this even more. It's go heaps of great tips and information that you haven't read a million times before. I've subscribed already and can't wait for the next issue.