It's Christmas! Here's our quick guide on the top 5 mags for her to help you choose the perfect gift.


Fabulous fashion, dreamy photography, celebrity, travel, food and more – these magazines are a lifestyle inspiration. Whether to your mum, your daughter, or your best friend, why not give a beautiful indulgence every month? She deserves it.


It’s our go-to for fashion and beauty, synonymous with elegance, style and all things chic. Vogue Australia commissions the best photographers, models, stylists and designers in the world for fashion stories, feature articles, beauty pages and celebrity profiles. Leafing through these glamorous, imaginative pages is like entering a parallel universe. Here is an expertly curated guide to what’s in season, what’s coming up, what’s hot on the runway and on the street, and the inspiration behind it all. Vogue loves homegrown talent too – expect profiles of rising stars in fields of dance, theatre, contemporary art, film and music. The magazine champions Australian fashion, giving our brilliant local designers equal billing with international icons. For those who love luxury (or dreaming about it) Vogue is the one.  SEE OFFER



Entrepreneurial thinking, empowerment and personal growth – The Collective is almost relentlessly positive, in a good way! Filling its pretty pages is the cutting edge of what’s new, what’s smart and what’s next. Founded by owner and Editor-in-Chief Lisa Messenger (also a best selling author, she walks her talk) this is one inspiring independent magazine. The tone is enthusiastic, encouraging, heart warming, motivational and very contemporary. Think articles about start-ups, crowdfunding, entrepreneur success stories, out-of-the-box approaches, multifaceted creativity and how to overcome adversity. There’s a fashion focus, plus travel, interiors and beauty all wrapped up in a creative graphically designed package. Cool is for cats.  



Food is foundational to MiNDFOOD. Delicious seasonal recipes and articles on producers and ingredients are a feature of this mag every month. But the broader ethos is in the title: food for the mind (and body and soul). Here’s a magazine with a big heart, a strong social conscience, a sense of joy de vivre, and a love of real human stories. MiNDFOOD is all about finding that precious work-life sweet spot, maintaining physical and mental health and wellbeing in an increasingly busy world. Articles on yoga or altruism sit alongside fashion and beauty, celebrity (always a famous face on the cover), travel and interiors. MiNDFOOD is a beautifully balanced magazine with true cross-generational appeal. For everywoman.  



We adore this Australian icon for its unique mix of fashion and beauty with indepth articles on women and society. New season fashion and articles on controversial issues - both have top billing Marie Claire. Reading this mag is like sitting down with some girlfriends and talking over what’s happening, what’s hot and what to wear. Trends in fashion, hair and beauty as well as trends in social media, sex and sexuality, body image or politics such as childcare or paid maternity leave feature in the magazine. What matters now and who matters now – the movers and shakers, philanthropists, creative talents and celebrities – are at the heart of Marie Claire. Finger on the pulse of the modern Australian woman.  



A relative new kid on the block, Womankind straddles the divide between boutique literary publications and indie lifestyle magazines. Expect meditations on travel or creativity by talented novelists alongside pieces on such issues as home schooling or the culture of anxiety or contemporary art. The magazine has a philosophical bent – editor Antonia Case is also the literary editor of New Philosopher magazine. At the same time, while intelligent, the tone is accessible rather than highbrow. The magazine is visually gorgeous with hand-drawn illustrations, creative graphic design and enticing photo essays. Womankind is a visual and intellectual feast, each issue to be savoured and collected and kept. For the arty, brainy girl in all of us.  





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